Ferrari 458 Italia and F430 Scuderia Lacking Engine Detail?

While I’m incredibly impressed with the massive amount of detail put into Forza Horizon 2, I’m slightly disappointed with the detailing of the engine in the aforementioned cars. The Italia is my favorite car, and I can’t take pictures of it without seeing a tiny bit of engine sitting on a low resolution picture of the real life counterpart. I did some looking around, and saw that certain cars, like the Ferrari F40, have extensive detailing in the exposed engine bay, and I’m just curious as to what happened to the other cars? Are there any plans to fix this in the future? Thanks.
![Ferrari 458 Italia Engine ](http:// The official website of the Forza franchise "Ferrari 458 Italia Engine ")
![Ferrari F40 Engine ](http:// The official website of the Forza franchise "Ferrari F40 Engine ")

It only shows up in photo mode. All cars lack the defroster window lines and they show up on photomode.