Anyone notice any missing details in cars?

I’m sure there a lot of details missing from cars. Granted there are small things developers can miss. If anyone know of a missing feature or detail of a car let me know.

I work at the National Corvette Museum so I spend my days around Corvettes at least 10 hours a day. I know how they drive, sound, look, etc. I haven’t seen any issues with the older Corvette in Forza but something about the C7 Stingray / Z06 rubs me the wrong way. Below is an image in-game of the Z06 headlight. Headlight is same for the Stingray.

Now here is the headlight unit of an actual C7

As you can notice by my amazing paint skills in the red circle is the missing detail. There is a C7 emblem molded into the lamp itself. Now its not a huge issue but as a Corvette lover it still annoys me. Fun fact: Even the people who buy the cars don’t even know that emblem is there.

Just my nit pick of the day.

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Yeah, there are minor details here and there on a few cars that they got wrong, such as the C7 headlights which you’ve pointed out, and the tachometer in the Lamborghini Huracan (which is missing the blue LED highlights).

Weirdly, the Huracan tach is correct in the 360 version.

Overall, these don’t bother me much, I think the game (and car rendering) looks great.

EDIT: Totally jealous of your job, BTW :slight_smile:

You can see through the inside of the door on the 49 merc when its open and the 63 bug has 3 weird black lines on the sides of the trunk

Quite a few have issues, I just find it a bit off that they said cars were “rebuilt for the next gen” when a lot of modelling issues from as early as FM2 still remain.

Some cars I can think of are:
Nissan Juke
Mustang II
Challenger Hellcat & 392
Golf GTI mk2
Chevy SS
'08 Viper ACR
'04 Impreza
'95 MR2

The Nissan Juke and Chevy SS weren’t in any previous Forza games and the '04 Impreza and ACR Viper aren’t even in FH2.

Also, you speak of “issues” but don’t actually provide any examples like TC did.


But they are in FM5 and 6, don’t recall saying all the cars I listed were in FM2.

Juke - Grille is body coloured when it should be plastic.
Mustang II - Has a rear bumper that is the wrong shape, decals are wrong around the rear window.
04 Impreza- US headlights on a JDM spec car, rear lights and bumper modelled poorly.
Chevy SS - Made up DLR placement.
Viper ACR- Rear not painted correctly.

There’s more here: FASTPANEL and here FASTPANEL

It is body color because it is a NiSMO Juke not normal version

If you work at the corvette museum, how are the repairs from the sinkhole coming. What was involved in repairing those cars? I’m just curious how you recover from something as catastrophic as that?
I read that you’re going to recreate the sinkhole experience, how do you do that? lol

Gm fixed the 09, ZR1 “blue devil”
GM is fixing the 1 millionth corvette as we speak.
The 62’ is going to be retorted in house (I’m helping :smiley: )

The sinkhole is filled in and covered up. Far as recreating the sinkhole some company that does hollywood effects is working with us to recreate an interactive display and room. there will also be cameras down in the cave for visitors to look at.


That’s pretty interesting. So as an auto museum, how often do you get requests for cars to be used for scanning, or use in films or TV? Do they often go out, or is it really restricted?
I was at the Tank museums recently that loaned tanks to the Fury film. It was really interesting hearing about how it all works and what rules have to be in place. Who gets to drive them, what actors are allowed to touch, distance from pyrotechnics and all kinds of things you’d never even expect. lol

Those are some question I don’t have an answer for.

Far as I know we have some news networks come film and some tv shows such as Road kill and among other auto magazine publishers that do publications and videos. I’m not in marketing so thats the best answer i can give you. Far as I know we don’t loan vehicles for anything. Also the cars are off-limits to the public unless its a “sitter” car which we allow people to sit in.

The big issue with the '95 MR2 is that it has the '91-92 front lip spoiler.

Lol nice find, but check the back of the base C7–the “CORVETTE” nameplate is missing. First things first :slight_smile:

The only other Corvette mistakes I’ve seen are both on the C3.

  1. The mufflers are not connected to anything and just hang in mid-air. This is a legacy of the 3D model dating all the way back to Forza 2.

  2. When the wipers are on, the cowl flips up like a giant bug deflector. It’s supposed to slide forward flat to expose the wipers for use. This is a new problem, as rain was only introduced in Horizon 2.

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Noticed this on an AI car last night. Just a few details missing. First I’ve seen this.

We’ve got no engines Ted!

Something that’s annoyed me since at least Forza 3, the '61 E-Type has a 4.2 badge on the back, when the 4.2 liter engine wasn’t added until late '64. Petty, but meh, we’re car people here.

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The Acura RSX in Forza 5 is missing the entire trunk area. You can open it but there’s nothing in there but emptiness. Also while driving it when you hit the brakes part of the driver side headlight housing lights up for some reason

This is such a tricky thing to keep track of, since the auto-show and drivable models of the vehicles in the game are two separate things all together. I mean, most of the cars that have the lines for the heated rear window, disappear when you use it in-game, which annoys me greatly. Most issues in this game come down to this fact.