Ferrai f355 bclass corner entry oversteer

hi all im having an issue with corner entry oversteer with this car set for bclass , the settings i can remember are 10/10 2.5/2.5 for shocks 14/15 antiroll bars 80/180 aero and 35/30 on diff i cant recall spring rates but they around 450/630 with no weight reduction brakes are 55 front 120 pressure 28/28 on tire pressures cold the car grips fine most of time and exits corners fine and seems to handle all thru the corner. just seems loose on entry is the diff causing me headaches as i havent had this problem before

Try increasing the rear diff deceleration

I would do this too, to start, especially if your oversteer is limited to corner entry. Even more so if it is off throttle mostly.

55% front brake bias on set-up screen is actually 55% rear in FM5. There seems to be some coding mix-up. As you slide the brake bias forward, you get more rear brake which is opposite of what should happen. Not sure if this is the case on all cars but on few cars I drive this is the case. I have also got into arguments with other tuners regarding this exact thing back in FM4 days because they were claiming 46~47% front bias seems to work well for them for FRs and I thought that was mad!

So F355 being a MR, I suspect weight distribution is going to be somewhat 43/57%. Considering some weight transfer during braking and added downforce, I think 48%~50% on the set-up screen would relieve your corner entry oversteer issue. If not, continue to push brake bias toward the rear in the set-up screen (i.e. more front brake, less rear brake). Confusing, I know.

Having same thing on the 2013 Miata. I think the brake bias is messed up. I had some issue with the default 50% setup so I change to 60% front. Didn’t seem to help, eventually I went to 80% front and it is now impossible to brake with more that 50% force with out the back end coming around even with ABS on. It is the most frustrating thing I have ever dealt with in Forza. I will try the opposite brake bias and see what happens.

thanks for the tip lets hope this fixes my issues and lets hope that they fix the brake bug soon, first time ive countered issue out of 100 or so cars when get home ill try it out

Raise the rear diff. You also need to be easier on braking going into the corner cuz that will let the tires slide out faster with your brake bias.

The brake bias is backwards in this game. If you move it to the front you are actually putting more bias towards the rear. In other words a 55% front bias is actually a 45% rear bias which is making the rears lock up faster on some cars making the corner entry oversteer. So the more extreme you go (80%) the worse it will do. I run most of my cars around a 55% bias so i do get a little oversteer for better turn in. I also run around a 10-20% decel diff. With rear or even mid engine cars the amount of pressure applied to the brakes is exaggerated due to weight transfer so being nice on the brakes and keeping that sloppy transfer to a minimum is key to these cars on corner entry. (remember the bounty hunter with the mclaren that is a perfect example of having to be easy on the brakes with these types of cars)

Ok so if I want more brakes on the back then my bias 51-100% setting?

correct… if you move the bar to the left you are giving more brake pressure to the rear and less to the front. I usually move mine to the left about 5 clicks so it reads 55%.

great advice i did change brakes to 51% and expereremented with diff i turned decel down to 20 and it improved however just as a trial i increased ride height 2 clicks of bottom and it settled the rear end more so its as you say controllable oversteer which helps with turn in now instead of having to correct all time

Cool my brake bias is off then and potentially have too stiff arb’s. I’m nearly finished my 2 month tune I can feel it haha. Thanks