Feb 436Mb Update

Do a hard reset (described many times here), including pulling your wall-side electrical plug, then try starting the game again once you’re connected to Xbox Live. If your FM6 is disc-based, that may be the reason.

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thanks, but its not that(and I know u have explained them allot). I have a corrupted save file. just fixed it with xbox support. uninstall(my first time)-clear persistent storage- clear alternate MAC address and then re-install and everything worked fine.

I just wondered if u new why forza did not auto update?
my WRC5, COD, Battlefield, fallout etc do this updates by them self?!

Yeah same here.All updates even games other then forza auto update.I never have to update manually on any games except forza.Ive got digital download of forza as well.Honestly I dont care but just confirming its not just xbox system updates that do it automatically.Its games too just not forza.

Usually the DLC Update comes out every first Tuesday of a new month. That would be next Tuesday the 2 February.

Probably they’re preparing the game for the new Porsche Pack.

That would be cool.

Or they released it early for the 24hrs of Daytona, like they said?

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hehe thnx Medic :wink: then i’m not crazy.
it doesn’t really matter but i have allways wondered why forza is my only game that never auto update… not that it matters of any sort.

Still nothing…?

changelog @ support sub-forum

plus another ‘hidden car’

I logged in when I got home, no manual update, was checking to see if the vantage was something could get through career buy (nope :frowning: ). Logged in bout 30 min ago and again no manual update but had a new gift car, 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII MR with a 2016 Father Time livery. It has a VIP Jan 2106 graphic on the rear quarter panel.

I saw the Opel affinity badge is in the game now, it wasn’t with the januari CU when the Kadett was added.

Mechberg mentioned yesterday on Twitch that the update was simply for minor backend/stability changes and the addition of the new cars.