Feature Request: Horizon Tour Race Type

Would love to see a clear indication of what type of race you’ll be participating in while you’re choosing your car. Make the background blue, green, or orange with gigantic APEX, WILDS, or BAJA logos everywhere, along with the diamond race type symbol, so people know what they’re in for. Would help minimize the drops and people with completely inappropriate cars.

Probably won’t help much. I think I can safely say most players would prefer a lobby where you can choose the type of race, racing class, and whether to include AI. Rather than the server automatically choosing races, let the first player in the race choose the settings. The race would stay open in the lobby to other players for two or three minutes. If the maximum number of players doesn’t join in two or three minutes, then the race begins even if it’s only one player racing.

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I would like to be able to select a car I actually own and is eligible for the race. So many times it forces me to rent a car instead of allowing me to chose one.