Important Forza Horizon 2 add on mod and/or Forza Horizon 3 feature

It would be great to be able to choose different mode of racing or filter out the types that you don’t feel like playing. After finishing the championship I was excited to replay the series events but being forced to play mixed types of racing in each event even after the championship ruined the replay value for me. I like all of the types of races but just not all in the same event. It really would be much more enjoyable to play only the type you feel like playing throughout the whole game. If I could choose to play only one type of races for each series I would love this game but I would rather play Forza 5 or the original Forza Horizon for the consistency of the game play. If there was a Forza Horizon 2 addon to filter race types after completing the championship I would be happy to pay $30 to enable it that option. And it should definitely be a feature of the next Horizon game in the series.

Yea the single player reply value is poor. Cant even choose what tracks you want, you have to do the ones which they choose even after completing 168 of them. The 360 version allows all courses open which is one aspect its better.