De-select or "opt-out" of queuing for certain class or race types in online multiplayer races

(Apologies in advance for the long post and if this subject has some posts already, I’m new here - literally just logged into this part of my MS account for the first time lmao)

So, this suggestion is for the fh5 Horizon Open ‘Custom Racing’ menu. Currently you can filter by any single race type (Dirt, Street etc) or choose “All” types, and filter for “All” race classes (B, A, S1, S2) or any one specific class. That’s a perfect system as is so no changes or new things to select there.

But it would be sweet if they could add the ability to toggle a race type or class on or off in that menu with a button at the bottom, like “Sort” in the car select, that enables or disables the currently selected class or type. You’d only need to be able to filter a max of 2 classes/ race types and I don’t think it’ll be too difficult to implement.

This change would make it easier for players to just sit down and just play the game at its best - the racing - for longer periods without burning out, which happens to me all the time after doing the exact same race type/class for like 4 or more events that will only change after manually exiting and changing the search parameters etc. And for example, people who tune their cars might find it fun to just have a tuning spree of random cars in their garage for lots of different race types and be able to try them all out much more easily. Or maybe during one particular forza session you’re definitely up for doing most types of race but maybe don’t want to do one specific race type (Cross Country…ahem…), or race in cars higher than ‘A’ or cars lower than ‘S1’ for example, which would be possible with this filter.

Anybody have any thoughts?