Custom Adventure removed, no option to choose races in Horizon Open

I guess the point was initially to avoid having specific class filled with specialists killing the game.


They don’t learn. I was the same in FH4 and would quit until I got what I wanted. It’s basically a workaround for a badly designed game. When they say ‘play it your way’ they really mean ‘play it our way’.


Ah well I guess I’ll just have to make a car for each of the race types and just hope for asphalt

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People complained about this not being a feature in FH4 for FOREVER, and you guys finally added it only to remove it from FH5? Now we have to constantly join/back out of adventure until we get the race type that we want, do you understand how frustrating this is? If I only want to play road racing adventure, let me play only road racing adventure. Don’t force me into a playlist where I have to sit through dirt racing and cross country when that’s not what I bought this game for. I know for a fact that I’m not the only one upset by this, most of my group that I play with is pissed.

Guys this is a HUGE step back from FH4, please reconsider adding adventure filters.


Well, I understand but we all know that online multiplayer racing is at the very deepest bottom of priority list. There are more chances to see a smoker/non smoker driver option or rim screws color option than having the choice on road type …


I was looking at Online Stats yesterday. Remember in FH4, you could see your number of online adventures, number of wins etc? All that has gone. All the (many) online stats are about arcade or Eliminator, with a few for Rivals. Should tell you all you need to know about the relevance to the Forza Dev team of online racing.

I’d be very surprised if Custom doesn’t get added at some stage but it’s depressing the backwards steps that they’ve taken in respect of online racing. There isn’t even an in race split timer in Horizon Open now.


You mean the number of seconds the guys ahead/behind passed the last gates is also removed ?

Yes, atm there are no times in online mode except rivals. Only Playerlist and it updates position when player hits checkpoint.
Who needs this stuff it´s a racing game :rofl:


Killing every single bit of things I like in that game …

This detail is important as while just making a basic copy paste of FH4 online, they took time/resources to upgrade it by removing information related to racing.


You guys dont get it. It’s not about who finishes first or who is the fastest driver. It’s all about the friends we made along the way and the scenery we enjoy /s


Could be sarcastic but in case it is not, I will share my experience.

The guys not interested in racing, mostly spend their time running into you, playing half or totally drunk or on drugs. it’s kind of fun but usually it doesn’t last long. After you have the offline guys you will never see … self explains. Then comes the best friends I have on FH3 and FH4, I met them racing with them, guys not trying to ram you to get first, trying to win, winning ( mostly :slight_smile: ) and accepting to loose ( sometimes ) , not pushing you to win at any cost.

Fact is the top and latest active thread with many players posting on FH4 forum is related to rivals, competition to get the best time on tracks, all these guys enjoy the game, share tricks and infos. The nicest and welcoming guys you can meet on FH, ready to help guys learning the game and so on.

Competition does not equal battle, that what you guys don’t get.

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You’re right. The most fun I had in a racing game was in B class road. Most of the time I would bump into the same well skilled ppl who wouldn’t drive like hot garbonso. And chasing the guy in the meta build with my totally not meta car, just to see if I can outskill him, was an absolute blast.

But yes, my comment was 110% sarcasm.


Completely agree! We need it back. At least we don’t have to race from one race start to another anymore…


No ghost racing either. Custom needs to return. It can be both a racing game and an open world whatever if they let it. At least rivals is there.


It feels more like a graphics demo now. Lots of cool stuff removed…
No times in pvp races and the position list updates only at checkpoints. Was “chasing” some player sitting #1 whole time and was thinking there is already cheaters in this game because wasnt able to see someone in front. At finishline everything changed and he was last position. This Player was never driving and staying at start all the time so it never updated his position in the list.

Someone in the Team was prob saying: Hey lets remove this and this and make guardrails useless and lets add all the bugs from fh4 so ppl know they are playing a forza horizon and feel like home…


Saw something strange as well. Guy who’s car never passed me finish in first. It’s like he was invisible the whole time. Never saw a solid or ghosted car come by me and I was clear of anyone in first. He claimed I was ramming him so he was ghosted due to high speed collision detection yet I never saw him at all. I wasn’t ramming anybody. Also that detection system hasn’t improved. People tap you and they ghost yet someone can repeatedly push you and nothing happens.


Noticed the exact same thing. Way too much ghosting anyway. Cars kept shifting placeall around me without ever being in view. Also an extreme amount of disconnects. At the moment I don’t feel FH5 to be an big improvement over FH4. Buggy and.I don’t like the whole new look and feel. Too flashy, arcade, noisy menu’s. Doesn’t live up to the expectations yet.

Yeah was remembering the stream where they showcased how cool their new antiramming thing works in fh5…
Touch someone in front multiple times its enough to kick him off also fine to hit sideways. Someone was doing it and lost my #1 at finishline. Seen also lots of ppl hitting walls at 100+ km/h and staying in front so wallcollision also not working 100%

but yeah not worth playing online atm there is always 1+ ppl with open mic and u cant mute them


LOL this 100%. I ended up having to block someone to get their mic to shut off, they didn’t respond to messages. It sounded like a hurricane.


They removed the only online gamemode I cared about. Good thing I didnt buy the game. :frowning: