Favorite C Class Hopper Car?

Just curious what people like to use in the beginners lobby. So many choices, and while I’ve tried a good number of them I still haven’t one that feels right to me. Maserati 300s seems like it might be fun and have potential but it seems most people go with modern hatchbacks or Japanese cars.

Olds 442.

Been using an Elise and an E36 M3, mostly.

For most tracks I drive the '97 civic, mainly TQR Tactical’s tune (I may have gotten the name wrong, but you’ll find it almost everywhere on the LBs). For some of the speed tracks, lately I’ve been using the '69 Pontiac GTO Judge. Maybe not the very fastest, but there is a tune at the top of the Sebring LBs that is super easy to drive, at least with TCS on.

Corvette 67

17th in world rivals clean no assists.
Almost as good on all the others.

Download my tune!!!


I’ve kind of turned to the Ferrari 250 Berlinetta Lusso as my go to car for the C league. Not sure it’s the best car but it’s the best thing I’ve built so far as kind of an all arounder type. I have the old Mercury built to C and it works alright. I use the Aston Martin DB5 for tracks that are a little faster but not absolute speed tracks, works well for the short Glen with no bus stop and old Indy GP. I’ve turned to the Limo with RWD and a NASCAR engine for all out speed tracks. That’s right, Limo, NASCAR engine, and first restrictor change fits into C class and its awesome.

I been digging the gt250. Ive gotton a couple Pb’s with it

Best cars I found so far

Power tracks

69’ Pontiac GTO
Lamborghini Miura
Mazda Cosmo
Volvo 123gt

Balanced tracks

97 Honda Civic
Acura Integra
2003 Celica
Zagato SZ
2010 Renault Clio

Twisty Tracks

94 Mazda mx-5
Fiat Abarth 500
Renault 5 Turbo

Loved the Jalpa. Dominated ghost leagues in it

I tuned my BMW M3 E30 for the C-class ghost leagues and I was very happy with it. I don’t like to always switch the car depending on track, I just made two tunes, one fast with more hp and one with less power and weight. Did have some nice races last days and if I would switch on the braking lines again it could have been better:) Unfortunately I currently not know all track layouts and so sometimes I lost my brake point and smashed into the wall or off the track:)

Mercedes 300SL for medium tracks and wet tracks

BMW 2002 for short tracks and any that have alot of acceleration

Fairlady Z 432 for big tracks

Lancia Delta HF Integrale

Learned some good stuff from this thread. Started using the Elise and placed in the top two in my first couple races with it, which makes it my most successful attempt to date. I’ve had decent luck with the 67 Corvette. I fell in love with the Mitsubishi Evolutions but I just can’t seem to be competitive with them in C class. I might just need some practice using AWD.

I have my s2000 for when I want to win. But I prefer to either use my eagle talon tune or my local motors rally fighter tune if I want to have fun. That rally fighter really surprises some people!

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+1 to the rally fighter good speed car

Havent been playing forza much but have had success previously in the Daytona and Juke RS as well