Fast and Furious bodykits

PLS, add bodykits from DLC cars Fast and Furious, i see this is custom models based on Forza cars 3D models, i think this is easy. i know how to create cars for games, i’m nfs modder and make cars in 3D and know like to this is make.
PPG and Turn 10, you can to take bodykit, cope, add for just cars. it’s easy, pls dont leazyng and make this.

C-West Bodykit on GT-R r34 F&F2

Veliside Fortuna v2 on Fairlady Z33

other cars from DCL where here intersting bodykits

bodykits by this is company here in game, C-West on RX-7 full, bumpers, spoiler and hood.
I am sure that you will be able to license this all if you already have licenses for other models of body kits for other cars

I just want suki’s s2k


I need those !!


I want that bomex front bumper for the supra instead of the bomex one already in the game


It’s very strange Microsoft don’t have problems in license for bodykits, T10 abd PPG have 3d models and they support forza 3d models
Ppg and T10: sorry, we can’t add this :drum:
Man, i can ported bodykit from juiced 2 on nfs unbound 3d model for my mod for Assetto Corsa
and a multi-billion dollar company cannot crossbreed its own models with its own models?
About my mod for Assetto Corsa



Unbound’s Skyline R32 model with Juiced 2’s bodykits? Looks like the Juiced 2 model isn’t that inaccurate. The F&F DLC models are just as inaccurate as the base Forza models they’re still using, so importing those F&F kits shouldn’t be a problem in the slightest.
I remember seeing someone trying to port Forza’s mk7 Celica bumpers and side skirts onto the NFS UG2 Celica in a MW05/Carbon mod, it didn’t work because the panel gaps were in completely different places. That’s where an issue could appear, but Forza is free of them.

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but really! if i can add bodykits from other models and optimisation this
but PPG and T10 can’t

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They most likely can, but do they want to? Or are they even allowed to due to licensing/partnerships?

I agree the FnF cars should return, if only for the bodykits!

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we need all of those kits in FH5

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they would be awsome in FH5