far in the game and not a single barn find when I'm supposed to have a couple barn finds by now

So I’ve completed all the prologue qualifier seasons, completed all the showcase events, drove on every road in the game and also played a good amount of events but still no barn find rumor, not even 1. Is this normal? Some people said that I should have gotten a barn find around Autumn/Winter season, basically the beginning of the game but I didn’t have any of that so I’m starting to worry that this might be a bug where the barn find introduction simply didn’t trigger yet, even the barn find tab is locked for me.

Here’s a picture for proof, as you can see I’m in a club so that proves to you ive well passed the point where i should have unlocked barn finds

bump, I’m bumping it cause i really want this issue resolved, i cant even get access to an important game feature because of a failed introduction trigger in the game so i got barn finds locked permanently somehow

For me, my first Barn Find triggered part way through the Winter season of the Prologue, although I have no idea as to the criteria met in order to unlock it.

I had to delete my save to even play the Prologue, as my games glitched and all the Mixer earnt Influence meant the game just threw me in as if I’d already played the whole seasonal tutorial, so it was completely messed up!

Luckily, all of my Forza Loyalty Rewards and VIP Rewards unlocked a second time.

I was thinking about deleting my cloud save and trying all over again but man I’ve done so much stuff that took forever and doing all that all over again really sucks so idk what to do in all honesty

Have the exact same issue. Others having this too. Doesn’t seem widespread, but enough are not turning up barn finds, so they probably will fix it in an upcoming patch.

I ended up erasing my cloud save and starting over, it was a pain but I got everything done again, kinda annoyed though as I had quite a few Forza Editions aswell

Turn on the radio and complete all of the initial races that appeared during autumn and winter seasons.

Did you not read? I went through all seasons already and was like level 60+ with a lot of the game done and I didn’t get a single barn find, like I said earlier I earned too much influence that it skipped winter season which is when the barn find trigger happens. This isn’t a widespread issue but its happened to a couple people