Fanatec Wheels LED Support to XBOX

please add LED support for FANATEC wheels to Forza and Forza Horizon to XBOX devices!

To expand on this suggestion; please add full Fanatec SDK functionality, there’s a lot of stuff on high-end wheels going to waste on Xbox, that PC and even PS are able to use.

  • Use of rev-LEDs as suggested above
  • Use of more buttons than a controller has (noting even LSB/RSB don’t work on most wheels and just replicate LB/RB), which means wheel users on Xbox can barely map sufficient view and basic car controls, regardless of the qty of physical wheel buttons & dials.
  • Use of MFD’s on high-end Fanatec gear.
  • And all the above for users of Logitec/Thrustmaster/other wheels also under-utilized by the Xbox FFB interface.

For Thrustmaster too

I have to agree. I’m not sure how/why PS is able to use the shift lights and info screens on Fanatec wheels but yet Forza on Xbox doesn’t seem to be able to do this.

Please add these features in. :pray:

Please add this support

Please add this.

Using Fanatec CSL DD with WRC wheel and the rev lights or LEDs don’t work in game.

Also improve the rumble strip feedback as a lot of the time I get nothing.

The revstrip on my Fanatec wheel is working since patch #5.I think it is called a P1 wheel,everything on my Mclaren/GT3 wheel has always worked.

Are playing on Xbox or windows?

Funny how that guy who says his is working hasn’t replied to which system he is using.

If I had to guess, he’s probably on PC

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I would like to know if Turn 10 plans to add support for wheels that have shift lights at the very least in the near future.