Fanatec H Shifter not working

Hey guys, I’m super new here and to Forza games in general. I apologize in advance if this has been covered many times, but I’m new. I just purchased my first gaming PC and still learning my way around. I’m having an issue trying to get Forza Horizon 4 to use my Fanatec H Shifter. I’m using the PlayStation Fanatec CSL Elite wheel base (on PC mode) and McLaren GT3 Xbox wheel. I can’t figure out how to use it even after going to difficulty settings and switching to “manual w/ clutch”, I can’t bind the shifter to the gears etc….I tried to see if it needs another driver, and I haven’t found anything yet. Has anyone had this issue, and what can be done to fix it? Again, I’m very new to all this, so be gentle….lol thanks guys!

Same here.
Never had problems with my old Logitech.

Also i am having some braking problems with the Csl LoadCell as it’s stop to quickly but to update the firmware you need to connect the cable direct from prdals to PC but it’s not working.