Fanatec Clubsport V2 X1 HUB poor FFB in Forza 6

Hi I’m quite experienced wheel user, had Fanatec CSR with Forza 4, tried FM5 with Thrusmaster TX, now Forza 6 with Fanatec Clubsport and XBOX ONE HUB.
I did my best to tweak wheel settings, unfortunately no luck.

Latest FW:
Drivers: 226 beta
Firmware: 116

In wheel
SEN 540
FF 100
SHO 100
ABS 75
theres no more known settings: FOR, SPR, DPR.

In game
no deadzones
Vibration 50
FF - tried from 30 (almost no signs) to 100 (permanent clipping)
Rotation 540

The problem is that wheel feel is nowhere near whats with gamepad. Low FF just disappear while stronger cause strange dull force sometimes working in completely unpredictable way.
It’s hard to even describe it as it’s just mess with strong damping mixed with lack of proper feedback when turning. In simple words i have to say I’m disconnected from car and any tires.

I was on the way to get Ultimate edition, but with such poor wheel experience it’s nonsense.

Theres lot of TX users having same problems, so question is whether Forza 6 is designed only for gamepads?

Unless you are the Incredible Hulk there is plenty of FFB in Forza 6. I also have the entire Fanatec set up V2 base and V3 pedals and the Clucsport shifter and I have it at 65% FFB as it is just way too strong else. Sure I can run it at 100% but it is unrealistic. It is like not having any power steering. My Sho is also at 80%. Try looking at the settings in the game as they reset every time you play the demo e en if you don’t turn off the Xbox. Audio does the same thing. Or it could be a problem with your wheel but it surely is not the game!!!

Sure i’ve test it many times in rivali and twice during demo events. Im not saying im too strong for my wheel, thats for sure :wink:
Problem is in game UI that doesn’t allow tweaks like we have in other titles. So force feedback is totally unnatural, any reaction for rear end movements is guess, understeering effect with wrong forces.
Theres zero slip forces telling me whats going on with tires. At the end it’s easier to drive with 3rd view and steering by visual instead feeling my wheel.

It could be my wheel but…it’s working like a charm with any other title, so?
BTW doesn’t matter in which mode normal/sim, ffb is useless.

It is possible that the Forza series does not have the same standard FFB as other titles but they also have about 1/8 the cars and a lot of other features too that other racing games don’t have. I tried Project cars and I didn’t like it as there was way too many adjustments to make to get everything to work properly. That was really the only other racing game I have tried other than NFS which doesn’t even count here. I am content in what Forza has but I also have been used to it since Forza 2 so you may be correct on that and I could not say for sure. I hope you get it sorted out like you want and also hope that perhaps the actual game will improve it some gorgeous you.

Honestly i’m not a huge fun of direct comparison between titles. It’s not ab. this here.
Lack of in game micro regulation is a shame, especial with wheel costs somewhat +1000 €/$. Again looks like its the same with Thrustmaster TX wheel (which i also have), so price doesn’t matter.

I count that 10 years of development ought to bring biggest console racing title to another level of immersion together with brand new wheels like CSW and TX.
And imo it’s worse than it was 4 years ago with Fanatec CSR! Any U-steering gives funny rhythmical jumble, wheels spin at start, again same rhythmical jumble, heavy braking again rhythmical jumble with dead force. My kids have some Logitech Formula EX wheel, old one without ffb instead having rumble force.

And this is what get with my CSW. Simple, primitive rumble feedback.

I believe that being capable to rate any title, player have to push hard as he can, learn basics to understand how game works.
I did my homework. Pass career few times, and spend few hours with rivals. I also know that stock setups - well they are not stock but probably simplified - on street tires can differ from final version with full tuning. So what im talking here is not ab. setup, but plain forces which should be there in any car class , right?

So again, my early question - is Forza 6 is designed only for gamepads. If someone in T10 care ab. wheel users, test it, tweak and sell as finished part of game?

PS my best settings

Latest FW:
Drivers: 226 beta
Firmware: 116

Every time starting V2, calibrate your pedals pushing them all the way down.

In wheel
SEN AUTO (already manage by Rotation value in game)
FF AUTO (anything other cause strange forces, key settings!)
SHO 100
ABS off
DRI 2-3 (easier countersteer)
theres no more known settings: FOR, SPR, DPR.

In game
no deadzones
Vibration 50-100
FF - 90-100
Rotation 540

Thanks for posting your settings, I am going to try them and see how they compare to what I have. I will let you know my results.

Im with you on this.Its absolutely horrible in this game.It feels like you are on ice driving.Total disconnect from the road.It feels exactly as forza 5 did and there were nothing but complaints then and nothing has changed in the new title.(demo)

I understand project cars is a different game but they nailed the force feedback in that game.No tweaking with it at all.It JUST WORKS… Why cant turn ten get it right.It felt better in forza 4… Too bad…

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In FM5 and the FM6 demo, force feedback effects are wooden, uncommunicative, and one dimensional. 3/10. Given the hype about the new FFB protocol back when FM5 came out on the XB1, I’d call it a resounding fail. Don’t forget that we were all forced to bin our perfectly functional 360 wheels as well. The FM6 demo is abysmal and buggy for wheel support. When launched the first race seemed to think I had a gamepad and was giving me a wall of resistance around 5 degrees off centre. Dare to exceed it and a peristent rumble effect was generated. The next two races were just as bad with the wheel recognised and configured. Really tuggy lateral resistance and basically nothing else… No sense of what the tyres were doing, when they were letting go, or once they had, any useful information to help get them back. I’m sure I’ll adapt to it and be able to tune cars to be driveable to an acceptable degree, but nevertheless a pretty poor showing in a driving game. If I hadn’t already paid for the pre-order I would have passed on the title after playing the demo. Who knows, may end up dusting off my gamepad instead. :frowning:


Forza 5 had horrible FFB with the wheel. Anyone who says it is good needs to play Project Cars. Their FFB is awesome. In Forza 5 the cars did not communicate in the least through FFB. The FFB effects were too numb and vague to be useful. From all accounts, despite Dan Greenwalt claiming ALL wheels had a new FFB profile in Forza 6, nothing has been fixed for Forza 6. It’s the same lacklustre FFB experience with a wheel. The only way to play Forza 6 is with a gamepad unfortunately.

Clearly Turn 10 doesn’t give a care about its customers once again as no effort was made to improve FFB with a wheel. What good is a racing game (or simulator as Turn 10 would claim) that isn’t playable on a wheel? This is a huge dissapointment and is inexcusable.


I did try Project cars and many people liked it besides the bugs. I however did not as I like a more plug and play mode. If I want to race, well I want to race. My first car set up on project cars took many many hours and I kept guessing if the problem was the set up or the FFB settings which had like 100 different settings in itself. Then every car had to have different FFB settings as well as a different Tune. Then to do this for every track, well for me it was too much work for the opportunity to race a car. Forza you just get a car buy a tune from an established tuner and go racing. I enjoy that much more. Yea I may not be getting the best FFB, but I enjoy the frame rate and the racing experience much more in Forza. Not everyone feels that way and they have that right. I am not a leaderboard racer as not really very fast but just love the racing aspect of it. That may be why it doesn’t matter so much for me as I probably don’t push the envolope as much as others.

I may be completely wrong here as I haven’t messed with my fanatec wheel settings a whole ton yet, but shouldn’t you have the “DRI” setting set to OFF?
DRI is for drifting, and from what I read it purposely lessens all force feedbacks to make it easier to drift.
I’ve used it on my old fanatec stuff way back in the Forza 3, and 4 days, and it definitely gave a very strange force feedback feel compared to having it off.

I’m not saying this fixes all the force feedback issues, but maybe give that a shot.

Increasing DRI value makes it much easier to counter steer. Tried different settings, and 2-3 works best.
Drift settings is suggested for Forza since FM4.

I had a fanatec wheel back in the Forza 3/4 days and I remember having the “dri” settings on my wheel. And from my experience the difference from having it set to “OFF” or having it set to “1” was a complete polar opposite in my opinion. When it was off I had a much stronger force feedback while driving, whereas when I had it on it almost felt like it had very little force feedback. It was great for drifting when you needed to make quick turns with the wheel, but for actual racing it didn’t feel right.
That’s the only reason I’m suggesting it.

I’m going to try my Xbox one hub wheel tonight with the “DRI” settings turned up to see what affect it has on this newer fanatec equipment.

This is what the V2 wheelbase manual states:

DRI range: OFF 000 … 005 DRI default: OFF
The drift mode reduces the overall resistance of the wheel and let you turn the wheel more easily. It almost works like a power steering. It reduces the basic dampening of the wheel and makes the wheel turn faster. If the values is set too high (or if the games FFB interferes with this feature) you might experience some oscillation. If that happens - reduce the value or turn DRI “OFF” again. To change the used and active value press up or down direction at the Funky- SwitchTM of the Fanatec Steering Wheel or turn the FunkySwitchTM clockwise / counter clockwise.