Fairly new Series S owner question about x/s upgrades to games and their installation

I have an Xbox Series S I have an external hd plugged in to it that I have used for a couple of years on my previous Xbox one X - I have a couple of games on the HD that have had X/S upgrades.

For whatever reason, the xbox insists on downloading the full upgraded version to my internal drive. I’ve deleted them on a number of occasions, changed the default download location to the external drive but it still does it.

Anyone else experiencing this or has my box gone rogue? Is there any way to stop it doing it? I could unplug the HD I guess but it just seems there should be another way. Is there a reason it won’t upgrade the existing games on the external drive or just let me install the upgrade to the internal drive at a time of my choosing. There’s not loads of space on the internal drive and I can see this becoming a real issue the more x/s games there are.

Playing on an XSX, but any external USB drive is for storage only (a game archive, so to say).
Games to be played have to be located on the internal memory storage, be it the MS-specific 1TB extension stick (about 230 Euro) or, as with your case, the internal storage.
But not on any external USB drive.
There is even an 2TB variant of that memory stick out now (about 450,- to 550 Euro yikes), but that’s the only place the XBox (SX) will accept a game to be located at for immediate playing.
That stick goes into the socket on the backside of the XSX, I take it the XSS has a similiar slot.

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Sounds like unplugging the drive is the way to go then, thanks for the reply.

It is a weird and annoying set up though. This is only games like Greedfall, Mortal Shell etc that have had a x/s facelift that are randomly installing themselves to the internal drive. Everything else seems to work just fine from the external drive. I have FH5 installed on the internal and a couple of other games, so it’s filling up rapidly - especially when games I haven’t asked to be installed to it & have repeatedly deleted keep re-installing themselves.