Fable is looking good

Fable is looking good. How much do you think the graphics will be watered down for release. Think we will have pre and post launch comparisons like we do with motorsport?

Compared to the last Fable, it looks all new. Some might say, “built from the ground up.”

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There was no gameplay I thought?

Just cinematics.

all of motorsports trailers were just cinematics but we could still see a significant drop in quality

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I’m quite positive, as PGG has always had trustworthy trailers, but performance could be a huge problem as FH4 and FH5 had big struggles at release.

I don’t get my hopes up with anything gaming anymore, the Fable trailers are trying too hard with humour and cinematics which generally leads to a rather boring and repetitive game, take Far Cry 6 for example, flashy movie like trailers and the game stunk bad, really badly.

I won’t ever look at that franchise again

Then we have Forza Motorsport 8, say no more

There was 2 seconds of gameplay in the first trailer of the Woman sending a fireball, 2 Seconds says they have something to hide, just like FM8 with its 2 seconds of in car actual racing in the 28 second clips that were released in the 6 months to launch