FA RACING FM5 Fantasy AutoShow - NASCAR Fantasy WIP

Hi all. Need to get the rust of my painting so will do one or two fantasy paints before FM6 arrives.

First up is a paint I wanted to do on FM4, but never got around to it. So here is the first WIP of Charlene Theron, South African actress and model, well known for her role in “Monster”, “Mad Max” and many others.

This is the first WIP so still some work to do on her. Hair needs a total redo and some more shading and image shape. I will do this one here in Black and White and add colour in FM6.


Thanks for visiting. I will update the WIP soon.


FA](59 Charlize Theron WIP 1 | Frikkie De Bod | Flickr)

Evening FA, glad to see you painting some fantasy bits as well as your race liveries. I’ll keep checking in to see how you’re progressing.

Thanks for the visit D. Hope to wrap this one up soon, time and wife permitting.



My preliminary design of Charlize Theron, South African model and actress. This design will go to FM6 for colour and more detail. For now it’s B&W and shared.


](61 Charlize 1a | Frikkie De Bod | Flickr)

Hi all.

My current WIP on a NASCAR fantasy paint I’m preparing for FM6.


More pictures to follow as I progress.

Thanks for visiting and all those that downloaded and liked my designs. Much appreciated.


FA ](62 Nascar Tiger WIP1 | Frikkie De Bod | Flickr)

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Thanks bud and for visiting. Still some work to do to make it a Nascar, but will get there.](62 Nascar Tiger WIP1 | Frikkie De Bod | Flickr)


Looks sweet, FA :wink: