1. Seasonal Games at Railyard - this is not the first time that when my team was winning 2:0 and we were started to knock them out in 3rd mini game, I was suddenly disconnected. My internet was flawless at 100Mb/s, no distractions, no holes but I was thrown out of the game and I see it’s on purpose. It’s not accidental anymore. Because it happens so often when I do these 2 online weekly events

  2. At the Trial, I always see one or two unbeatable drivatar cars (that are always ahead of us at the race start), so these one or two has nothing to do better than trying to throw themselves at us with moves so harsh and sudden that only UFOs are capable of doing something like that, without any respect to several essential laws of physics. When such car correlates with me in a way I cannot even describe, I have been removed from any chance to be in first 3 or 4 cars at the finish line, thrown away 20 yards into some solid rock or fence or off the bridge.

So, as the conclusion to all of this, This is MEANT to be so. Unfair, uneven matches and championships.

Well at the end of a day, you guys, I mean developers of the game, may freely F.A.Q.

I have some disconnections too while in multiplayer, even with a 250MB/s cable connection. And the drivatars do some weird maneuveres, that is true, but with the trial this week I got no problems, Was on first place every single race, even the goliath was no problem, my teammates had no problems to, as we managed too take the first four places at least at two of the three races - so we win the Lotus Challenge with 3-0 Points

I play with dificulty settings up to 75% - no replay, no stm, no tcr, ai at professional. So I am well prepared I think.

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The Trial will always show the cars “cheating”, because they will do things that…while you MAY be super-human enough to pull-off, chances are…you won’t be doing what they can do, and it’s usually when it comes to ‘staying on the track/getting back on the track’ type maneuvers, sometimes after a jump they will recover from a sideways landing and shoot off away from you, and you’ll go “what the )!*!&$&”…probably not cheating, but the cars those AI’s are driving also have tunes, and we all know how a good tune can change the behavior of a car (see: Ferrari 599xx EVO).

The faster the class of car, and the wetter the track, the harder it’s going to be to best them. If you get into a trial and half your team has shown up with no tunes on their cars or non-maxxed PI’s…well…time to find another team.

Lately I’ve noticed that the 3 weekly race series you complete to win prizes will SOMETIMES have ridiculously fast cars thrown into the mix. Normally, unless you choose one of the really slow cars to complete the 3 races, you can best the “Highly Skilled” driveatars using any car with any tune. But sometimes you’ll see one AI car shoot off and be uncatchable. It doesn’t happen all the time, just once in awhile and I’m not sure if its by design or just random luck on the driveatar choice, but it happens.

Just remember you don’t need to win all 3 races to win the 3 race series, just placing in the top 3 is usually enough.

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I’m not sure you think FAQ means what it means.

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