Exploration, any efficient way to know which street I haven't driven on?

As title say.

I’m kind of a “completionist” and I wanted to know if there was any efficient way to know which streets I drove on and which were still missing? I’m getting close to 500 on the Britain mainland and I was wondering if there were any ways to find which streets I didn’t explore yet.

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Yep look at the map
The roads change color once you have driven on them

You have to search the map for grey roads that appear darker on the map than discovered roads. The most likely roads that you missed are some of the many dirt roads, which are brown on the map. There are some tiny grey roads on the map that are so short that you can’t see them without looking really closely.


There are some roads that are nothing but a tiny driveway. Look for gray stubs hanging off of the main roads.


^^ The dirt roads are usually where I find the last few ones I need. Turn off all the map icon filters so you can see the map clearly, and on xbox you can use the magnifier in the dashboard menu to zoom in further on parts of the map.

There are lots of dirt road sections that can appear as discovered, but might have a little section at the end that you can’t see on the map that makes that section of road complete, like driveways. Sometimes you get whole roads that just blend in with the map, and you can simply overlook them. There’s a bit of added difficulty in FH4 with seasons changing the colours on the map making some roads harder to see.


I found alot of the dirt driveways I hadn’t finished the tip of the road, leaving a tiny bit of grey segment that is almost unnoticeable. It’s worth just driving over all the small driveways again even if they look finished. Also look at any s bends, the outside of any apex turn might not be complete.
Helps immensely to have free fast travel, and fast travel anywhere. so first get all the fast travel boards, and buy fairlawn manor.

I found it helpful to watch and pause these videos on my tablet while driving checking all suggested spots in the game. Even if it looks completed on your map, it’s worth another drive over.

As per the previous posts, there are several bits of road that are easy to miss. Another thing to try is to adjust colours and brightness on your monitor/tv which may make the roads not yet driven on more easily identifiable. This has worked for me on previous Forza games.

Look especially to the west(map orientated direction) of the lake, the windmill farm, the dirt roads to the east(again map orientation) of the smaller body of water, and the festival roads. Those were my last ones as well as the ones that took actually looking at the map. There’s also a driveway somewhere near the bottom middle-right of the map that can be missed easily.

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Go by the Windmill Farm! I found my last 2 by there.