Road Discovery?

Is there any way to look at the map and see which roads you haven’t discovered?

whole thread on it here

i found the easiest way is to turn the TV to black and white when on the map screen and filter all off

Usually the last to be found will be at the airport - there’s a lot of tiny cross tracks which just don’t show well on the map. Makes them hard to see.

Make sure you check and double check every little part of the map - for me it was a very little road in Nice that barely came up on the map. I hope you find the missing road!!!

The motorways and hubs were the small roads catching me out in road discovery, just check your map and look for tiny grey areas.

I ran into a issue of the same kind it ended up that some of the roads were under some of the emblems. ,Like the Horizon emblems. Took me a few days before i came back to it because i was so mad.