Experts here?

In Forza Games u can use any rim at any car but thats not how it works in real world u have to change at least this part

but now my question is

Is there always some aftermarket part or some fitting part from same/other manufacturer or what is needed to equip an “5holes” rim to some car wich allows only “4holerims”?
Or is some tuning guy using the lathe/drill and creates needed part? (< no way in germany)

Replacing the whole thing?

Back to the gaming world… U like how it’s handled/simplified in forza?

This is fascinating stuff.

However I prefer them providing me more choice, than less on the basis of reality.

If I like a certain set of wheels, chances are they’ll be on all the cars I bother to take the time to upgrade/ tune. So it would just be annoying if they suddenly weren’t available on certain vehicles. Let’s just imagine you have enough cash to buy all theses cars/ properties etc in game. Chances are you could throw a few quid at a wheel manufacturer and they, with enough incentive will make you some customs just for your preferred set up.

Don’t get too hung up on these details and you’ll enjoy the game more - is my view.

Cheapest option is something like this:

But it narrows down avaible choices due to the reduced offset (IIRC that kind of spacer need to have at least 25mm) and bolt pattern must be the same in both e.g. 4x114,3 to 5x114,3.
You can always use widebody and that will give a bit more space for lower offset.
Would not recommend for car driven fast.

IIRC there was option to swap hubs between car models e.g. E36 to E30, S14 to S13, but you need more than just hubs (example link) + usually some modifying/work.

Don’t know if that are any pro kits for that. Fortunately never had to do that kind of swap.

EDIT: As for in-game. I don’t mind.
Nice option would be to use stock rims from other cars e.g. stock R33 rims on S14 :slight_smile:

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Different bolt pattern spacers as Zipper said, as usually don’t get hubs for same car with 4 or 5 bolt pattern, to fit same knuckle and axle shaft.
Also if you go into details, you also see rims with different wheel ET, but instead of the rim being pushed out/in, whole knuckle is pushed in/out, so control arms are suddenly shorter/longer, along with steering rods and axle shafts. Not sure how that works on solid axle assembly … :slight_smile:

But as said, its a game, I like choices.

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It always fascinates me how people can get hung up on tiny details more than big stuff.

We’re talking about a game where you can drive through a tree as if it were a matchstick, where you can reduce the weight of cars through the light application of magic, and where tires with the oddest pattern I’ve ever seen (rallys) somehow have more grip on tarmac than most other tires.

This seems wildly unimportant.

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Considering ALL of the problems this game is currently dealing with, it does seem like a low priority item.

Paint-able brake calipers would fall into the same category for me. I really wish the Devs had spent their time on the “bigger issues”, leave the minutiae alone (for now, anyway). How many hours were spent on this one?

Ok, to simplify it…

It’s one piece wich limits the “Upgrade options”

Would u prefer
a) one piece can limit the parts to choose from and changing that piece gives u other parts to choose
b) game handles the stuff and u can choose any part ignoring real world

Option B all day long.

If I’m building a car in the game, I’m looking at the PI/ Handling characteristics - I don’t want to overly complicate that by also worrying about having to purchase additional parts to make it more realistic for a very small minority of players who are mechanics in real life and know about this stuff.

I get that it will bug the purists - but most of us are every day joes that when our cars have a problem we take it to a garage and let them sort it out. We don’t ever modify our cars much past fitting a new stereo or alarm (haven’t even needed to do that in years). We don’t go in to what part they’ve fitted to get it working again, we just ask them if we need to sit down before they tell us how much it’s costing. Then we ask them if they accept credit cards, coz yes we are going to spend the next 12 months paying for whatever it needed doing just to keep it on the road and get to work.

Gaming unless you’re a serious Sim player should allow you to escape some of these worries - not pile on more. Not having a go - or not meaning too if it comes across that way. Just my opinion.

I need to get on here more, lol. I miss these kind of conversations. I’m nerdy enough, and enough of a car guy I could spend as much time with intricate parts swaps as they give me. For years I’ve spouted about wanting “discipline specific upgrades” more than what they’ve started to give us with drift suspension. …sorry, drifting off on a tangent.

My biggest problem with the wheels and rims is the actual modeling/rendering of alot of the rims. Torq Thrust rims look ridiculously 2 dimensional and the Craggar S/S which were my favs back in the 80s look way off as well. Man I wish I could post pics!! Lol

I’m good with their current upgrades, I suppose. At least as far as this topic. My only beef is with the way alit of what should be classic rims look so flat and 2D.

Out of all the things that bother me about rims in this game, this is not one of them.

Cool I used to machine these hubs for 5 years until a few months ago. Thought I had seen them for the last time until this thread lol

While it isn’t correct to magically just switch from five to four bolts or vis versa it’s one of the last problems this game actually has. I mean what’s next? Are we going to talk about not matching bolt pattern sizes?

It’s absolutely understandable that the 3D artists don’t create different models for stuff like this. It simply wouldn’t make much sense in the overall picture. If you don’t like how it is than simply don’t use the respective rims.

That’s coming from somebody that normally is quite critical about such things.

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Hm, it’s not an “Game has this problem” thing it’s an simple question (see #1 it says in Forza Games not FH5) and yeah read #6 now it’s even simpler > a or b

I’m going with “B”
Just a reminder, that you can easily jump a car +500m, land it in any way and drive on, so …
This is supposed to be a game to “relax”, not real world simulator.

Let’s not use real life technicalities as excuses to limit customization options.