Exp but NO CREDITS for eventlab creations?

i have made 3 tracks of my own so far , and also used an existing race and just added extra laps and at the end of each event , you get your exp rewards , then a wheelspin , then kicked straight back to freeroam… where is the award of credits ??

has anyone else noticed this ??

has anyone managed to create an event that ACTUALLY works as intended , with EXP and credit rewards at the end ??

P.S. on a side note , i have noticed that if you launch a circuit race event with a friend in a convoy , and launch it as a PVP event , then it will run as a circuit race and not suffer from the ‘sprint race’ bug that seems to be plagueing a LOT of people … not much help when you are playing solo … but better than nothign if you want to show your friends a track and get their opinion on it.

I think it’s to stop people from doing the 50 Lap Goliath thing to get a lot of credits from 0 effort.