Everything gone.

Ok so, i just had one of the darkest days of my life. Not even kidding. But one of my most important things in life for me is cars or the car community in general. So the day fh4 came out i obviously pre-ordered it on ultimate edition. And i have been playing it ALOT since the release date. And now, i was getting a new computer. So i had to sell my old one, but i didnt know that the buyer came in a week. So i had already deleted everything of my computer. So i downloaded Fortnite And Forza Horizon 4 again since the buyer wasnt coming in a 1 weeks period of time. But when i came in fh4 something felt odd. The loading screen was a controller. And then it just started over again. ALL of my 10 Months of work is gone. i dont have much in life that can cheer me up. but if i would have chosen 1 thing it would be fh4. i just feel like crying in a dark corner right now.

Vilmer. 12 yrs old

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Sumbit a ticket

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