EventLab suggestions

I played some custom events, some of them very cool. I can create various rules (stupid or perfect, almost whatever). BUT it needs more freedom and features i think.

  1. Possibility to create event from any place you want
  2. Create and customize spawn points for commands
  3. Add timer/stopwatch and possibility to refer to them, make calculations even if i can create it on its own (but it’s a bit difficult to create)
  4. Add damage bar and possibility to refer to.
  5. Add fuel bar which changes depending on revs and other engine parameters
  6. Add world leaderboards, which turned off by default and player could enable it and use time or custom variable in it.
  7. Do something with the spam, farm events which flush out very good events. People spend a lot of time to create good event.
  8. Add possibility to group objects and copy these groups
  9. Add ‘stars’ function (disabled by default) and ability to customize requirements (for example 15 points for 1 star, 22 for 2 stars and 30 for 3 stars)
  10. Add ability to create custom championships, campaigns, rules for them and requirements (or not) to open them (for example to open campaign 2 you must gain 20 stars in campaign 1)
  1. scrap the test drive thing when you create an event from one of your routes. That’s horrendous. FH4 did it better.
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  1. Interesting suggestion but wouldn’t be practical to implement due to the amount of server capacity/bandwidth needed for thousands, if not millions, of leaderboards.

  2. That won’t be done either…everything about the game is popularity, not quality…hence why the most popular Super7 events are the most rubbish. Unfortunately, it seems AFK events are going to be the dominant ones in this game which is just a sad indictment of the game

  1. Add another requirements to cars like maximum horsepower, weight, type of engine, wheel drive, etc.
  2. Possibility to add own cars (like Super7 but more than one), make them necessary or not
  3. Add copy & edit function for custom routes