EventLab Festival Playlists in Series 29 aren't working

EVENTLAB and EVENTLAB ISLAND are not working on Series 29 ( Community Choice )

  • I’m playing on XBOX ONE and from series 29 aren’t working
  • I’ve cleared cache, turned it off and logged into the game and it doesn’t work
  • Anyone with the same problem ?


  • There was an error retrieving the Eventlab event, please try again later

  • Eventlab Island: with padlock

  • The game already has the latest update, unfortunately


You don’t need Eventlab Island.
Just use Creative Hub section of the main menu and pick a normal eventlab.
I chose a drag strip one to get it over with quickly but it triggers as soon as the event starts - no need to even finish it.

Looking forward to your tunes list for the week (even though all playlist stuff is done I always take note of your tunes).
Keep up the good work.

@betinhogvz Are you still having any issues in regard to your post?

Thank you,

I’m playing through the cloud using the laptop.

On XBOX ONE it is impossible to play, many crashes, various errors, does not save progress after 80 min.

Hello @betinhogvz

Thank you for this feedback we are still working on fixing various issues,


We’re closing this thread due to low reports / reproductions. If you are still experiencing this issue you can create a new topic. At the time of the closing this topic had 0 votes.

Thank you