Epicnata's Forzatography 4

This is the 4th edition of my Forzatography

In my previous editions i went around with fairly expensive cars, a Ford GT from 2017, a Lamborghini Huracan, horizon edition might i add. and a Ferrari FXX K. so this edition i went a little cheaper by choosing the Nissan GT-R '17. keeping it in its fiery orange with almost no upgrades made to it i departured from the Yarra Vally festival on my journey to taking amazing pictures in which shall be shown below, i hope you like and if you have any suggestion on how to take better images or what car i should choose next do say so.

Nice job with the GTR. Have you considered having one gallery, and updating as and when?
It’s easier for us to see all your photos in one place.

Very nice.

What me mean when we say a gallery, is one post on the forums where you keep all of your photos. When you have new photos, just reply to the post. That way, people can see all of your photos in one place instead of the single posts dropping down through the pages.

Ahh i see, that sounds like a great idea, i shall do that and then include the links to the previous editions so its all accessible in one place

Some nice shots but to me it looks like you could work on the focus; nothing seems to be quite in focus in most of the pics. You can focus using X in photo mode and focus on specific things by increasing aperture size (reducing depth of field) in the photo settings.