Epicnata's Gallary

Okay, from recent suggestions all pictures will now be uploaded into one spot instead of separate topics like before, so for all your Epic :wink: pictures they will be located here.
so for this edition which will kick off the gallery will be off the Bentley Continental GT Speed, one of the fancier cars in the game along side with the Rolls Royce and Jaguar. so i hope you like the pictures i managed to get. p.s. also here’s the links to the other editions just in case you missed them.

and now, the pictures:

I really like this one:

Edition 6 aka second part the the gallery

now, everyone including me likes to drive around in new cars and see how they go, and i for one sometimes takes a picture but only ever takes a few if more than one, so this edition will be filled with 33, yes 33 images including 19 different cars. some of these cars i may go around in again and properly take pictures in but for now, these are the “odd balls” i have. hope you enjoy :stuck_out_tongue: p.s. some of these was when i first started taking pictures on FH3 and didnt have much experience as i do now.

Really interesting color choices for some of those cars. My favorite shot out of those is this one:

Very nice lens flare and color.

Edition 7 aka part 3 of the Gallery

Being one of the holders of the Ultimate Edition of the game i get to drive around all the cars in the car packs for free, this time i took a car from the All Stars Pack. The Audi #45 Flying Lizards Motorsports R8 LMS Ultra. yes that’s a long name. so without further delay, here are some i managed to get with my one. p.s. This thing is SUPER low to the ground and handles like a dream with no tuning or upgrading at all.

This is very nice:

I also like the one that NV pointed out.

If I could give one hint it would be to be weary of contrast in some lighting conditions, some of them look a bit dark, especially in the wheels/wheel wells.

Edition 8 aka part 3 of the Gallery

Of course i think of myself as still of a novice to the whole photography thing in Forza Horizon mainly cause i’ve seen some breathtaking images on this game. so hopefully i do get better and learn some more ways on how to get amazing shots all the time, but for now you will have to deal with my noviceness. in this edition i went around with Baldwin Motorsports #97 Monster Energy Trophy Truck.
probably the longest car name in the game and was the second car you got to drive in the ‘intro’ to the game. so here are some i managed to get with it, hope you enjoy and feedback is always welcome.

Good job with the Trophy truck. I’d recommend lowering the colour & contrast a little, and try using some more aperture to make the car stand out.

Nice angle! I can’t help but think some shutter speed would’ve really added to this photo.

it probably would have yes

Edition 9

Fortunately before the money/exp glitch was fixed i managed to get a little more money than i normally would allowing me to afford this next car, the Lamborghini Centenario LP770-4. these happened during actual events/races (mostly) so here they are, i also wish i got a little more than i did with it. it genuinely is one of the best cars in the game with performance and looks.

Edition 10

I’ve just realized i have started to run out of pictures to show (cause mot of these were taken a few days before they were uploaded) so my next car has been some pictures i’ve had for a little while, the Ferrari F12TDF. turns out this car is also pretty good to drift as with stock, but anyway, here it is.

Great work on this:

Edition 11

yes i know its been a long time since i added to my gallery and i apologize so to make up for it, here’s some pictures of the new Nissan Silvia K’s Aero with the body kit installed (i changed the wing cause i think this one is better)

Some really nice shots in there. Good work.

The amount of color your shots have is awesome! Awesome job Epicnata!

Very nice, I like the focus point.

Edition 12

It’s great getting feed back and such good ones too so thank you all :slight_smile: now this time i got myself the BMW M4 GTS from the Alpinestars carpack, having it in its bold white colour with the striking orange rims made it stand out day and night. as always constructive criticism is always appreciated on how to make my picture look even better. hope you guys like and maybe suggest a car for the next one.

Your last couple of updates have been on the money, great work.