Engine swaps make no sense! Needs serious improvement

I don’t have issues with swapping, per se. But what I don’t like is the complete nerfing of stock engines, to then force the use of “Racing V12” is most things…PG seriously needs to learn a lot when it comes to building an engine. The stock engines are trash and they shouldn’t be. I don’t want to have to swap an LS into an R32 GTR to be competitive. Or “Racing V8” swap to reach S1 or S2 class in a muscle car. It’s nonsensical to cap the stock engines…

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I forgot to say that I desperately want the G65 AMG engine as a swap with Mercedes cars, mostly the E-Classes and SL55 AMG. I want to be able to build a proper Brabus replica in game!

i know what you are saying, i like to keep them all original if poss but so many need a swap to compete…
the idea alone of most cars ending up with the same engines is not appealing to me.
some AWD swaps work ok with orig engines for PVE High-Skill, but for online, even if brilliant in pve most builds are usually poor-average for online pvp.
idk, lots of my builds beat the unbeatable (trials) but can be miles behind players in the lead… that seems a weird place to be & a noticeable difference in class, not just driver skill & luck.

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On a side note (this does pertain to engine swaps). I was watching a gameplay video of FH1 with the Hemi 'Cuda. Wow did it sound so different! Not some generic “Muscle Car” V-8 sound.

yeah, real sounds should be in games now… New World showed us that games can have epic sound quality…
cars should be unique but im not sure consoles can handle all the extra gigs of data?
with the detailed engine view in Forzathon garage you;d think they would send a team with mics out to grab some real sounds for the vehicles…
Does any game do that anymore ? they should

The sound of the ‘69 Charger engine has improved from FH4. It sounds much more realistic now. It’s almost the same as in The Dukes of Hazzard

That’s part of the problem, what you hear on the Dukes of Hazzard TV show was dubbed into it. On top of that the Charger in that show was “supposedly” a 440, though there were no R/T badges. Most of the cars used were 318 or 340 cars, as they were much easier to find. Chrysler used square exhaust tips on a number of their performance cars to make the sound unique.

The Hemi in game sounds bad, completely incorrect. A quick search on YT will prove that.

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Well, all tv and movie sound is “dubbed”, aka mixed. But that not withstanding, video game sounds, especially the engine sounds in today’s games, could easily be digitally sampled and tracked into the game. I don’t know why this game has to have such atrocious engine sounds. The FE TransAm sounds more like a leaf blower than a car. I hate to drive it just because of the sound.

Let me swap in a proper sounding 455 Pontiac V8 with a loping roller cam, dual quads, and headers out just in front of the rear wheels. Then you’ve got a game for the car enthusiast.

Why would anyone knowingly swap in a Northstar?

A statement like that tells me you know absolutely nothing about the Northstar engine.

I know that they are small displacement V-8’s, that also have reliability issues (need to be on top of maintenance, and I mean ON TOP). Physically, you don’t gain anything by using a Northstar engine compared to even a LS-1 or LS-3 (weight or dimensions). I guess if you want that quirky aura about your car when at Cars and Coffee, but outside of that…meh. The aftermarket for LS is 10 fold what there is for Northstar.

Yes, in reality, you’re right. But in a video game, a 300lb 4.6l V8 with 450hp is a great swap for a multitude of our small cars. And the lmp version is 570hp. And in the game, we don’t have to stress over engine reliability.

We also don’t have to stress too much over size vs car in many cases…Racing V-12’s and such. Id rather they gave us the parts to make the base engines more of a factor. I would love to see DZ 302s and 400 small blocks, or 273, 340, 360 options for Mopar. Ford 260, 289, 302, 351 options…the list goes on…

Absolutely, I don’t think any engine needs to be removed or replaced. But we definitely need those adjustments you mentioned. And more logical engine choices added.