Engine Sound

Will the cars have the same engine sound as the trailer?

Since it was all in game footage I would say yes

You have to be careful with that assumption. “All In Game Footage” simply means that the video clips originate from the game’s rendering engine and not some other rendering source (i.e. - CGI); it does not mean that it is representative of actual gameplay. Much of what the Horizon 2 trailer shows - possibly including sound - has a fair chance of not being something we the gamer will be able to reenact.

Thank you, Someone that knows what I’m talking about.

Yeah, But when you watch the actual game play it sounds way different.

Do you have any video examples?

Just listen to the lambo it sounds different. At least it does to me. I mean don't get me wrong it still sounds awesome but i really would love the R34 to sound like that when it Rev Limits.

I honestly don’t know, but in the game’s defense most of the gameplay footage looks like the drivers were using automatic transmissions. I say that because if you look at the tach, it never reaches redline before it upshifts. In order to hear that rev limiter fuel cut sound like in the promo vid, you’d have to let the car stay in the lower gear and bang off the rev limiter which the auto tranny option doesn’t let you do in any forza game.

To be honest i don’t care about any car but the Nissan Skyline R34 GTR.
But the sound of that is a 2JZ Rev limit so i say its fake.

The R34 sounds I know were taken from a video of Ryan Tuerck’s FRS. I have both sound bites starting where they need to, so all you have to do is click the links and you’ll hear the exact same sound clip. These aren’t in game sounds. They’ll sound a bit different when we get our hands on them.

FH2 Trailer

Real Sound Clip

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Thanks Man, I Thought it was to good to be true.

How disappointing… If you could add screamer pipes to the street cars then they would sound cool like the real sound clip

Hopefully some of the cars dont have almost the same sounds

Yeah, I really don’t want to drive cars that sound like every other car.

Really am sick of the false advertising and lies, don’t get me wrong, forza as a brand still has the best engine audio quality and authenticity out of any game ever but the trailers “planting” post audio effects is kind of a massive let down, i wish in a way they were forced to at least put “gameplay AND AUDIO no representative of final product” then i’d have no problem.

However, having said that, the E3 demos i’ve seen so far and that Hurracan video above, the engines sound great! MUCH MUCH LOUDER and CLEARER than in Horizon 1 which i hated because the engines were so quiet.

As long as the 360 version has the same audio fidelity/weather effects + car list + overall gameplay, i don’t care about anything else, that’s me happy.

360 is gonna be just like Horizon 1. Xbox One is gonna be just like Forza 5 but better!

It wont “just” be like Horizon 1. They’re using the graphics engine used in that as a base, nowhere does it say the two will look the same.

Just remember that the gameplay we have seen so far are from demos which means it is not the final product, but we can at least hope for awesome redline sounds :slight_smile:

Off-topic, but apparently our minds are too much alike in terms of our singatures. Ha!


So true! XD