Endurance racing!

Just wanted to say I just completed the Sebring 300 (holy crap that took nearly 3 hours!) and it was fantastic, the first half was really intense and engaging and the second half was a grueling test of my ability to persevere.

One little thing though, the rewind feature kind of glitches out on the endurance race where when you press Y to rewind it either A) wont at all even after pressing it over and over repeatedly for 30 seconds, B) it will work but will skip back 50% of a lap and drop you mid trail in braking without any context so you just have to repeat the process, or C) a combination of A and B.

Not sure if this is something you are aware of but it is really pretty frustrating especially on a longer race.

Other than that I really enjoyed the endurance race and the payout. Be sure to pick your mods right the payout is really pretty fantastic (ie - 25 affinity levels, a super rare mod card, 15 driver levels, and 1mil credits)


Somewhat off-topic but how many times did you pit during the race? I haven’t done any of the endurance races yet so I was just curious.

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OK, so I’m new. I did the 30 laps of Lemans, OMG! It’s at night in LMP1 cars. I had simulation damage on, what a mistake. I couldn’t drive those super fast cars and lost headlights and steering every lap. I pitted 11 of the 12 laps I completed. Finally forced to quit because my car broke down and could not move. No tow trucks.

In simulation mode, I guess you have to pit.
But for example on Road Atlanta you can get away with only one pit stop if you use the “lift and coast” technique. It really helps and you save fuel for additional 3-4 laps.

You can go flat out the entire race with one pit stop in some of the cars, the exceptions are the Audi R8 and the Ferrari 458. Test results of all the GT cars available in the endurance races on Road Atlanta is written up here: Forza 6 Endurance races fuel and tire wear - Google Sheets

Small-world you mention this… I completed the Catalunya 100 earlier. Maxing the BMW affinity was nice, but didn’t pop the BMW badge for me. As far as the race, It was a dud because I had Cosmetic on, so the other cars were pitting and I didn’t have to. SO it was anti-climactic but good payday.

I.m trying to do the catalunya race but my Mclaren loses a lot of grip in mid corner, it gets very frustrating because i never match the pace of front guys, do you know why this happens?
I can´t tune the car soo…

Unfortunately I can’t help much with that mate. I don’t drive the McLarens in Forza except the F1, and I used the BMW in that race and it was very nicely balanced for Catalunya. Maybe try that ride instead? Good luck let us know.

Well, yesterday i took some seconds off my laptimes, it seems problem happens less if you never leave the car off throttle.
I tried turning TCS off and car loses less grip, i need to practice it but…

I think that the problem is due to TCS implementation, because when you are losing grip in the middle of the kerb and car is losing speed, you need power to counter it and acceletare hard, and as TCS cuts power to control it, creates a situation where you can´t do anything to put the car to speed again…

Well yestrerday i trained alittle bit and got laptimes of 1m56/7s but Rossi is doing 52s… but doing consecutive 56s is very difficult, i think i need to break earlier end change the approach on the middel section of the circuit, because it´s where i lose time… let´s see!

I noticed the same thing too early myself - the other cars having to pit. I’ll be doing all future endurance races with Cosmetic off. I just hope I don’t get wrecked early!

Watch out for your fuel gauge too, nothing worse than running out of fuel and not being able to rewind while the AI are in the pits

I just did the race as well.

  1. I have Damage on “cosmetic”, but the AI cars made pit stops about once per hour. This is realistic, but with cosmetic damage, this is a clear advantage for the human player.
  2. The rewind feature did not always work when it should have. There were several instances when I spun out in the wet grass or hit a wall and it would not let me rewind. This particularly happened at turn 13 multiple times.
  3. When rewind did work, it would skip back to a random time, without doing the “rewind”.
  4. If you are using a chase cam, when you rewind, it will stop with the camera facing some direction other than straight ahead. This can be a problem especially if you are in a turn and cant see where you are going.

Am I missing a fuel gauge (beyond the one in the cockpit view)? It’s cool that the game simulates the need for pit-stops, but some way to determine that you’re not going to make it around the next lap (before your car runs out of fuel on the back half of the track and can’t make it around, and rewind won’t go back far enough) without guessing at tiny numbers on the instrument cluster would be extremely helpful.


see where you gear number is in the lower right corner? now see that little bar under the gear number? that bar is your fuel gauge, when it runs out so do you.

was getting ready to tell everyone to make sure to go to the bathroom before the race but then i seen its offline so you can pause it. but for the 2.4 hours races turn ten will hold online thee is no pausing, enter a lobby with about 20-30 minuets before the race starts so you have time to go to the bathroom, get a drink or smoke, what ever you need to do before the race starts. if you find you cant tough it out till the race is over, you are going to pee in the toilet or the sofa but going to pee either way, find a safe place to pull off the track. reentering the next race if you lose to badly is gonna cause you alot less hassle than peeing on your wife’s sofa i think.

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If you hit down on the D pad you’ll get all kinds of info, scroll over until it shows you % damage- this screen will show you fuel percentage and tire wear. I got 9 laps per tank at Sebring. Kind of annoying.

Also, I had damage on and noticed that not a single other car in my class ever pitted. It was kind of frustrating.

In my experience, Sebring was requiring me to pit every 10 laps, Road Atlanta every 19. Like clockwork. If you ignore it figuring one more lap won’t hurt, you run out of fuel on the back half of the lap. To determine the threshold in the first place, you have to wait for the cars in your class to start pitting, and the instant you notice it rewind back to get yourself in the pit lane.

Rewind doesn’t work when there is a car in the pits, and after about five to ten laps the rewind stops showing you the rewinding, I read that this is a memory limitation, though it sounds more like a bug (since presumably it only needs to remember a certain section of your race given that the rewind only goes back so far). You find out exactly how long rewind will go when your car unexpectedly runs out of fuel because you have no fuel gauge (outside of cockpit – good luck finding it in a racing instrument cluster) and you so desperately don’t want to lose an hour or so of racing.


The fuel gauge is located under the gear number on the bottom right side of the screen. It is the white horizontal line directly under the gear number.

Hope this helps…

Hi, i just have a quick question.

In which section are the endurance races in? I’m at the third one and im really looking in to those races, i didn’t even know that there were endurance races until i saw that topic! So hyped! I do endurance races all the time with a friend of mine.

“Somewhat off-topic but how many times did you pit during the race? I haven’t done any of the endurance races yet so I was just curious.”

I just can say that every car has different fuel consumption, and if the car is maxed out, it’s an even higher fuel consumption, so it really depends on the car you’re driving, i tried the Charger Daytona F&F edition, maxed out, and i barely did 11 laps on Daytona Tri-oval. But keep in mind that that’s the consumption at full speed everytime.

I would say pit every 25 laps depending on the class. I did Road Atlanta 100 with Rclass and learned the hard way the gas gauge is only shown inside the actual car. If it’s digital 20.0 will be a full tank other wise it shows Full and Empty