EMW Venom New tune up! #91 Dodge Viper SRT BEAST :)

Hi Everyone

Going to keep it simple. Here is a list of fast tunes for you to try and experiment with

E Class
Alfa spider 86 Momentum
Ford Bronco 75 Speed
Mazda Cosmo 72 All

D Class
Ford Bronco
Ford Mustang 65
Honda Civic 07
Honda Civic 86
Honda Civic 97
Renault Clio 93 All
Renault 5 Turbo All
Volkswagen Golf 92 All

C Class
Acura Integra Type R 2001 Grip
Chevy Camero 02
Chevrolet Monte Carlo 88 power
Ford Mustang 65
Ford Sierra Cosworth RS 500 All
Holden Monaro GTS 350
Honda S2000 All
Honda Civic 97 All
Lancia 037 Stradale
Lotus Elise 05
Mercedes Benz 190e Momentum
Mazda MX5 16
Mazda MX5 94 Grip
Mazda RX7 97
Nissan Silvia Spec R
Pontiac Trans am 73
Renault Alpine A110
Totota Celica Grip

B Class

Alfa Romeo GTA
BMW 1 Series M Coupe
Buick Regal GNX
Chevy Camero 02
Chevrolet Camero 90 Indy Gp
Chevy Corvette 67
Chevy Corvette 70
Ford Mustang 15 Good power Road America
Ford Mustang 65 Long beach
Ford Mustang 78 Power Bathurst
Ford mustang 95
Honda NSX 92
Honda S2000 grip
Honda S2000 FF
Lamborghini Muira P400
Lotus elise 05 Grip
Lotus elise 99 Grip
Nissan Fairlady Z 03 accell/speed
Nissan GTR 02
Nissan GTR 71 Daytona/ Speed
Pontiac Trans am 73 all/Bugatti
Pontiac Solstice
Subaru 22B
Subaru BRZ
Subaru WRX 04
Subaru WRX 05
Toyota Celica 03 All round
Toyota Supra 98 Beast All round
Volkswagen Beetle 63 Grip and good acceleration

A Class

Alfa 33 Stradale
Alfa 4C Grip
Aston Martin V12 Zagato Alps
Bac Mono Grip Sonoma GP
BMW M3 05 All
Chevy Camero 02
Chevy Camero 79 Power/Speed La Sarthe
Chevy Camero 15
Dodge Charger FF 1969 Power
Ferrari GTO 62
Ford GT
Ford Mustang 65
Ford Shelby GT350R 16
Honda NSX05 Indy GP Tune
Honda S2000
Jaguar E type Speed
KTM X-Bow R Mega grip
Lamborghini Muira P400
Lamborghini Diablo SV All
Lexus LFA
Lotus Elise 05 Rally
Lotus Exige S Grip
Mazda RX7 Watkins/ Grip
Mitsubishi Lancer 8 04 Rally Thing is Great in the wet
Mitsubishi Lancer GSR 99 grip
Nissan 370Z accel speed
Pontiac Trans Am 77
Subaru 22B Rally Great in the wet aswell
Subaru WRX 05 Rally
Toyota MR2 89 Speed
Toyota Supra 98 Ring Tune
Toyota Supra 98 Full Speed
Toyota Trueno Silverstone National/ Power Rally Engine
TVR Sagris
Volkswagen Beetle 63 Grip/Acceleration

S Class

#6 BMW M1 Procar
#17 Ford Falcon
#23 Nissan altima
#93 BMW 3.0 CSL
#31 Lancia Turbo Grip
#71 Ferrari BBLM
#72 Ferrari N.A.R.T BBLM Alps/Grip
Chevy Corvette Z06
Dodge viper 08 Alps
Dodge Viper 99
Ferrari 360 CS
Ferrari 458
Ferrari 599 GTO
Ferrari F40 Power
Ferrari F40 Grip
Ferrari F50 Grip
Ferrari F50 Power
Ferrari Enzo
Ford #2 Capri turbo
Ford RS200
Formula Mazda Grip
Honda NSX-R 05 Accel/Speed
Lamborghini Huracan 14 Power
Lexus LFA
Maserati MC12 Power
Mercedes AMG GTS
Mclaren 12c
Mclaren F1 ALL
Mclaren F1 GT Indy
Mclaren F1 GT power
Porshe GT3 12
Shelby Daytona Power
SRT Viper 13 power

R Class

#91 Viper SRT
Lotus 77 Grip
Bently GT3
Mclaren M8B Grip hokenheim National
Saleen S7 Power Silverstone National/ Road America
Ultima GTR Med Spa/Indy
Ultima GTR Power Watkins Glen short

Any Feedback welcome :slight_smile:


Your Mazda Cosmo E class is spot on - awesome on speed flowing tracks and even took down some jeep willy"s on Long beach - It got a TON of uses from me - this weekend - totally intuitive for me - nice decel, turn in, the balance was just spot on, acceleration off the line was awesome (nice to get a good jump). I can;t match your times but I’m not far off and this car made me look good - That and EMW Dave’s Mini, Swerve’s Bronco. Got moved up to Pinnacle after running in this… Not sure whether to thank you for that or send you a nasty gram :wink: I can say bye bye to wining now. lol

Seriously is an Awesome car - took on the Big W0RM tune Cosmo more times then I could count and always ended up on top (His tune is really good too) But when I was using the Cosmo it was for tracks where speed was necessary and your tune was better. Road Atlanta and the Glen really showed that off.

Can’t wait to try some of the others.

Glad you like the Cosmo for the league and well done on promotion, thanks for running the tune and nice times on both Road Atlanta and Watkins btw! :slight_smile:

I’ve taken the c class integra to #56 overall at Watkins Glen full track.

(I saw you are a ful 1.5 sec in front of me in s2k but I’m not having any luck with it- can’t beat my time in integra. And I was 207 all day in integra.

The s2k is a bit more then I can handle. I think I’m supposed to be powering through but it’s not that much faster then the integra at top speed.

Think I found one of my ghost c class cars.

Thanks for Running both the Integra and S2000, they are very capable of top times its just preference of driving style, had a few good races with you in the C ghost league earlier in the week

New S Class cars added

I really like the '92 VW, #5 division at YAS North Alt. Definitely going to try some others.

I really like it too handles really well, good grip on flowing/momentum corners, i’ll have to try some of your setups out soon

I still like your F50. :wink:

Tried some of the tunes and they are really nice. Took the KTM out for a spin at Lime Rock (a track I’ve never driven before) and did a top-50 at the leaderboard after only 6 laps.

Keep them coming. Would be cool to see more german cars and a couple of Volvos :wink:

Try not to scratch it in the lobbys :wink:

Thanks MN Design the KTM is a car you can be super aggressive with and it will stick to the road and nice time for only a short stint

New tunes listed

B Class Nissan Fairlady Z 03 Watkins Full alt

A Class Mitsubishi Lancer GSR 99 grip
A Class Nissan 370Z Accell/speed
A Class Subaru WRX 05 Rally sebring wet

S Class #72 Ferrari BBLM Grip
S Class Mclaren F1 All

Enjoy :slight_smile:

C Class

Honda Civic 97 Rio/Watkins All
Mazda MX5 94 Grip

A Class

V12 Zagato Alps
Chevy Camero 02 Bathurst
Honda NSX 05 Indy
Totota MR2 89 Monza
Toyota Supra 98 Ring tune

R Class

Lotus 77 Grip
Ultima GTR Grip Spa/Indy

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Some great tunes here Venom mate, only tried a few of them so far, will get round to trying a few more when i get time :slight_smile:

Keep it up :slight_smile:

Thanks reaper much appreciated coming from a top tuner in R class :slight_smile:

New tunes posted

C Class

Ford Sierra Cosworth All
Monte Carlo 88 Road Atlanta
Toyota Celica Grip

B Class

Chevrolet Camero 90 Indy GP
Ford Mustang 78 Power Bathurst
Pontiac Trans Am 73 All Bugatti

A Class

Chevrolet Camero 79 Power/Speed La Sarthe

You’ve been very busy tuning away Venom! I’ve seen many of your top runs via the the updates, great job. I need to grab several of these and give them a good run. Yet, as you know…my driving is way below par…so, need a handicap…lol…


Thanks luis I’m really enjoying forza 6 more than any other forza, Theyll maybe give you a sonic boost kid! :slight_smile:

You don’t have your '65 Stang on the list above. Pretty awesome tune. Got a 150-200 while still getting use to the car. Great grip/ accel/ and top speed for d class car. I was doing 152 down Bathurst straight.

Nice tune

Added to the list. Yeah its a very well balanced car for a high top speed and glad you like the car :slight_smile: