Eliminator Lag

Every time I challenge someone in the Eliminator, everything freezes for a second before the finish line appears. It’s been putting me at a huge disadvantage and I was wondering if anyone has experienced/fixed this.

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Everyone on PC experiences it since the last patch which broke something.

I don’t have this problem for 2 reasons. Firstly I play on XSX. Secondly I think eliminator in FH5 is boring in comparison to FH4.

What gets me with The Eliminator is how many times I get clattered by cars travelling in a different direction while in their own H2H.

Played hundreds of game of The Eliminator in FH4 and can’t remember once having a car from another H2H crash into me.

Maybe I’m just unlucky, but in FH5 it seems to happen quite a lot, which seems odd due to the map being a lot bigger.

Check out 1:10 in this:

Admittedly this is a bad, head on direct hit (which I somehow went on to win), but there are many others where I’ve been t-boned or had similar near misses to the above by other drivers in the middle of their own H2H, so not intentional.

On looking at that video again, there are 2 separate H2Hs which must’ve been making a beeline to where I’d just come from.

Is it only me this happens to?

This definitely happened in FH4 too.

Actually, a tactic i use a lot is that if i see someone in H2H, i deliberately try to slow down either of them. If i have a better car, i slow down the faster one to hopefully snatch an easy win, or if i have slower car (which can still compete with the faster one) i slow down the slower one of them, so i can possibly steal the faster car

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Only had it happen once. But I have had numerous times when people not involved in my H2H decide it would be fun to intentionally try to hit me. This morning I had a level 10 #24 Brocky Ultra4Bronco RTR riding alongside me trying to sideswipe me while I was H2H.

I’ve had this happen a few times too where I’m in a low-mid level H2H and someone in Level 8 or above off road vehicle rides beside me trying to hit me.

As to lag, I’ve had a number of races in the last few weeks where there was a 5-20 second delay between issuing the H2H challenge and the game saying the H2H was on. In one both of us had time to give up challenging each other and the other driver started following someone else hoping to challenge them.

You’re lucky, it has happened to me loads of times in FH4.

Well… This may have been fixed but about a month ago I was playing eliminator and on the minimap was only me and 1 other player. So I challenge this player. As soon as the challenge starts a car literally appears out of no where as if it came from a other dimension and it smashes into the front of my car going god knows how fast. My car literally flys backwards so far that it took me 10 seconds to recover.

This lag is so annoying. When it comes to rear wheel drive car it is 50% chance to spin in a wrong direction. At this point I just don’t understand why this game costs 100$ and where all this money went into. All this situation makes me hate these people who is responsible for the whole Eliminator mode. In fact this mode was the reason I’ve bought this stupid game which just makes me angry and that is all.

My thoughts exactly - besides, single player portion of FH5 finished so quickly for me… In FH4 it took a lot more effort to unlock Marathon, Goliath etc. I play mostly Eliminator and on PC 1-2s stutter @ H2H is like 30% on my losing races :frowning: BTW, why there is no indicator of play area in Eliminator at the beginning, when I choose a starting point? This dotted pink line or something - it showed where will the area shrink to.

Yeah this bug is so annoying. When challange starts it is always massive disadvantage, if you point in wrong direction and i lost many fights because of this.
Interenstingly i have same issues when new stage of Forzathon Live appears. Seems like it has something to do with “picking” random location.

That might actually be it. I had been thinking it was really strange that there was lag with head to heads but not the final showdown.

So, I just read everything above, and all I can say is that I can’t disagree with you at all. I’m also struggling with the same problems that you’ve mentioned before. I bought the FH5, because I really loved the Eliminator at FH4. First of all, after installing it, I had to deal with a lot of things to get it launched, took me a while. When i got into the game, i went straight into Eliminator, of course then I got pissed about that the Eliminator is completely bugged. So, I decided to play everything solo, and got dissapointed again, because I did it really fast, and I had to go back to Online MM. After some update, the Eliminator got more or less enjoying, but not for a long time.

P.S. Also, moving FH5 from HDD to SSD was the best idea, before that, i often had to deal with “Low Streaming Bandwidth” error and the worst laggs I’ve ever experienced in FH. Tho, I didnt had any problems with FH4, while it was on HDD. So, thats why i thought, maybe it’s because of that “Dynamic optimization” video option, which is not in FH5.

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