Never mind

I just sent a message to forzafb@microsoft.com about my problem:


I am getting an error every time I try to collect my cr, collect reward cars, collect unicorn cars, enter the storefront, car club, race central, etc…

The error massage that pops up says: “This feature has been temporarily disabled. Please see ForzaMotorsport.net for more info.”

My Xbox Gamertag is HeyDayJordan & my sister has an account called SpaceyPidgeon.


I hope it gets solved soon :)"

Does it normally take long to get a reply from forzafb@microsoft.com?

I’ve been told to ask that email a question, yet I get nothing fix with my game, nor do I get a single reply that anything or nothing has been done.

Sorry for the impatience, but I’m just wanting to know what going on.

Thanks :slight_smile:

hey most times your question does not get answered by that email because of the flood of emails, you can try to send a privet message to dragnet or snowowl and they can say why
hope that helps:)