{ECT} Deuces Wild C500 Chevy Nova II

Lap Times:

Indy GP: 1:35.314 100’S

Long Beach GP: 1:31.813 100’S

Sebring Short: 1:21.111 100’s

Capable of top 100’s at the above. Just out of Forza shape and figured I’ll let the true hot lappers beat me.

Tune and paint in ECT Torque sf.

As always thank you to those who try it out.

Thanks for sharing Loco! Just downloaded tune and will search for paint (looks great!) later.

My God, that video makes me laugh every time I see it.

It is one of the best videos in a long time.

great tune and a very nice paint job…

Next to Tank….You’re the best tuner around! :slight_smile:

So this was the beast you guys were working on? Looks great!

Mind = Blown

just tried this out and i need to revisit my car now :frowning: and i love the paint !!!

This is the first tune I have picked up in Forza 5 and I was never a fan of the Nova but this tune is great,

I got personal bests on pretty much most of the C class rivals events.

I was so impressed I done a little video review on the car (sorry for the commentary, I have yet to find my “radio voice”)

Thats awesome thank’s for the review and keep tuned for our next release , Loco went… well LOCO with a truck of all things.

I’ll look forward to it, I took the Nova round earlier this morning and managed 136.194 (417th)

I am just struggling to get to know Indy GP.

If you see a nova in the top 100 lb’s chances are its this tune, just saying :wink: