Easy Car Pre-Sets

Would be great if every car have a few tuning pre-set slot (minimum 4, but more is better), where you can save different tunings or builds and when starting a race you can choose your car and the right pre-set for the event, so you dont need to have idk 6 cars for different builds (for example: B700 rally build or A800 track build etc.). When you want to drift just go to the pause menu and change your pre-set to a drift build on a same car or a drag pre-set when its someone challange you to a openworld drag race etc. (the pre-sets can be your own or dowloaded by other players)…

Yea there are some cars that I have 10 copies of. Tuning presets that register as a separate vehicle rather than having to go in to tuning would be a much more user friendly system. Because when playing online races you can’t go in and change a vehicles settings to a different tune. So I end up buying and stocking up on the good rides. Easy for me since I’ve been playing since day 1 but new players good luck dropping millions upon millions to get multiple copies of some rides

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