Garage filter for favorites folder

i would like to see if we can get sub folders in the favorites section for the garage. after adding a car to my favorites folder would like to be able to put it into a different folder; DRIFT CARS, DRAG CARS, ect ect.

but what i dont want is horizon choosing for me based off of my build, i would like to choose which folder to leave the cars in. for example i have the 91 bmw m3 with stock tires but its built for drifting, my elise gt1 has offroad race tires but its built for dirt/rally.

when it comes to having to choose a car for online races with the small amount of time given it still takes a while to find the car i want to drive

YEAH! also it would be nice to have a “custom tuning” filter. one for cars tuned by you, another for tuned by community, and third for stock cars, cars modded with in-game presets and certified modders like Rocket Bunny.

simpliest way just add a custom folders, i can spend time to sort myself.

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its really hard to sort cars now, when i have 800+

Thinking back towards this post could be pretty cool for the favorites to have subcategories using the badges and then these could be sortable. The number of cars in Fh5 is going to continue to increase and with timers on alot of online events its getting increasingly hard to get cars in time. I think this could be a small feature but make a huge impact. (Was going to create my own post but saw that this one existed)

A few examples:

Standard Favorites:



Playground Games: