Earning in-game Influence from Mixer livestreams

I think the influence is only earned while the stream is ongoing PJ. I noticed when yesterday’s stream that the little blue ribbon disappeared once the stream was over.

Yeah this, you have to keep switching streams to keep earning points, unless you go to bed watching a streamer who is going to be on till you get up

When I watch a FH4 related Mixer feed on my PC there is a little blue ribbon showing up, but as of yet not when I use my XB1X!

yeah, this causes so much lag because most these kids don’t have the bandwidth to play online and stream at the same time.

That’s what I’m getting at.

If somebody is doing a 24 hour stream of the full game to earn lots of Influence (by leaving it run idle for example), can I just leave it on or will my Influence earnings cap at 10,000 or some other number.

as of now im on 103000 influence earned from bouncing around streams, so no cap

I earned 16,500 influence yesterday and a few had well over that, it doesn’t appear to have a cap.

I’ve been watching for about 15 minutes now, but ribbon still isn’t showing any influence earned. Microsoft account is linked, and it’s a FH4 stream…

Edit: NVM, just got a notification about earned influence.

I have used Mixer on my browser, Xbox One and mobile but I don’t see this blue ribbon against FH4. Am I missing something?

EDIT: Found it on the browser, it appears within the streams themselves. It doesn’t appear that the time I spent streaming yesterday has banked though which is a shame (around 2 hours).

I have another question: If I have multiple tabs/windows open with different streams in each, do I earn Influence twice as quickly?

I tested this yesterday …

Short answer: no.
Not by just open multiple tabs.

It’s simply connected to their already existing points / perks system. You can follow the magic (with countdown) at the right top.

But … long answer: yes, of course.
There is always a way to abuse those systems.

I don’'t imagine there’s any cap for Influence as it’s going to be a continuous thing in the full game once it’s released.

Can we not earn Influence by streaming via the Xbox One? I have streamed for a good few hours and have not received any Influence when I check on my Mixer account. It appears to track when watching however.

If I’m reading the thread correctly, you only earn Influence currently by watching the Demo, and not broadcasting it.

Ah I see! Seems a bit backwards though to be honest. Thanks.

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty confident that you earn influence for streaming as well.

I’ve had a (muted) tab open all day, watching a 24-hour stream of the demo, here’s what the progress looks like now:

It appears to go up by 500 every 5 minutes, which would round out to 166 hours 40 minutes to gain 1,000,000 Influence (should anybody be so inclined).

Thank you for the confirmation, will be interesting to see how much this is actually worth come launch day.

I completely understand how to see how much influence I have earned when watching. What I cannot figure out is how to tell how much influence I am earning while streaming.

fwiw, this is what is stated in the news about Forza Horizon 4 going gold: " Players who stream Forza Horizon 4 on Mixer will earn Influence every two minutes, with a bonus applied for larger audiences."
I just haven’t figured out how to tell how much I earned last night during a 60+ stream of my doing the demo.

You might try checking with RetroKrystal. She was talking about influence and streaming last night on her stream and she also works for Playground. So even if she doesn’t know, it should be easy for her to find out.