Dynamic/personalized numbers over liveries

This could propably be in multiplayer category as well… Anyway, with motorsports and racing in mind, we’re getting a lot of race cars with race liveries. How about a way to personalize them with your own name- and numberplate? This would be a way to set same liveried cars apart. You could set your own driver info (for example name, number, country) and these would replace the set number and other info in liveries. You could also have this feature in livery editor (if FM has one) so that the creator of the livery could set where on the car and how this set info would be shown (font, size, color).

I also would like to be abled to paint over downloaded designs, to put my name and number on it.

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I thought about that also but what would prevent people from modifying those downloaded paints beyond that? And in that case whose design is it then? What would be a nice feature is the option for the creator to choose if a design is unlocked. This would open up huge collab opportunities.

I thought about only to paint over it. Not be able to change anything from the original work. And of course not be able to share it.

But to share open designs as an option, if the creator wish to do that, would be nice too.
I think there is a suggestion for that already written.
Something like that was possible in FM2. But there must be the cause for the end of that feature too.

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I want you to make a player’s number. I want you to make it as a special livery with one part that allows you to select numbers from 00 to 99. If player’s number can be parameterized, it should be possible to issue notifications such as “number 99 is approaching”, and to display player’s number numbers at the Circuit de Catalunya.

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