Drivatars put in the wrong cars?

Anyone else noticed someone else driving there car?

I few times I’ve watched my mates racing and noticed random drivatars driving my cars in my colors and with my plates, why? I don’t ever share my designs so why are other drivatars using them?

For example I have a R34 in yellow with my choice of wheels and kit and my made number plates with a small number on the hood, and I’ve seen it lining up for races with some other dudes name above it and my drivatar is put in some random car why?

The vehicle selections for Drivatars is largely random. The misconception that started in Forza Motorsport 5 was that Drivatars were driving the very same vehicles that the respective player owned (livery, customization, tuning, etc.). This isn’t the case. The vehicles generated for the Drivatars are a hodgepodge of cars, trucks and SUVs that the game’s programming deems suitable for a particular event based on the gamer’s difficulty settings and adorns them in designs that the gamer (your friend) may be interested in downloading based on prior downloads and whatnot.

Why your unshared designs are seen while your friend is playing is unbeknownst to me. Are your certain you have not shared the designs?

Positive I never share my personal designs, thing is in the championship table listing it shows my drivatar driving the correct car IE mine, but on the grid it’s some other dudes name above it and my drivatar is in some random car.

Interesting. I would report your findings via forzafb@microsoft.com or in this thread. However, I must say: this all seems very trivial in the grand scheme of the game and not sure you should get too concerned by it.

Your not sure I should get too Concerned by it and all seems very trivial?

I was simply pointing it out, my apologies if you find it trivial as for me getting too " concerned " it was merely an observation and wondered why that’s all.

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Whoa … a bit of a misunderstanding there. I was merely suggesting that you will not likely hear anything from Turn 10 by using those reporting methods because, by and large, your finding is not detrimental to the functionality of the game. I was not at all alluding to your reporting of this experience to be something that only a straw man would find; I just wanted to make it clear that it will not likely be fixed, if indeed there is an actual issue with the Drivatar system.

Please don’t interpret my response to assist you in troubleshooting to be any sort of attempt to degrade you. I just wanted to make it clear this problem appears to be quite miniscule compared to some of the other issues the team would be looking into. Sorry for any confusion.

No worries, and I do understand what your saying.

It’s just it can take many many hours to produce a personal paint job and when I see other players all be it drivatars using them it’s a bit of a kick, I don’t share them for a reason, there my own personal work.

It should also be noted that level 1 Drivatars are largely players who don’t even own the game, so they will always be driving completely random cars.

Level Drivatars also get random cars if the original player/owner of the Gamertag hasn’t run that race yet. I am almost on 100 completed Championships. Club-members of mine haven’t even unlocked all 6 cities but still I drive their Drivatars in multiple races already.

Who knows. Maybe it’s in the programming to pick one of yours at times just to give you a outside look of your cars you have painted.

That raises another question. Original poster: are your friends playing on your console? If so, that might explain why they can see your unshared designs. If, in fact, they are playing on their own console and seeing your unshared designs, that still leaves your finding unresolved.