Drivatar Reward

I never get cash rewards for my drivatar appearing in other games, but my friend does, and he sucks in FH2. Do you guys know why?? The only difference is that he has the vip pass and I don’t. Could that be it?

Not the Vip pass,i don’t have it and get rewards everyday. Its not other games either,its racing when your not in the game.

Try to do the following:

Make sure you are connected online and play the game in free roam for a bit. Once done, quit the game properly (goto home, chose FH2, click the ‘options’ button on the controller, chose exit). Play something else or shut off the xbox.

Then return to the game after around 12 to 24 hours.

Just a question; do you have a lot of friends in FH2? And if so, do they compete a lot in Championship Races and/or Rivals? And if so, would you say they can compete against your drivatar based on your general skills in this game?

Example; I currently have about 70 people in my Friendlist that played FH2. But only 6 to 10 Drivatars regularly show up in my world. And based on my skills (I rank 2nd or 3rd in Rivals among almost all friends), there is not much chance people with less skill will race against me in Rivals.

And, seeing you have quite a nice score for Forza Rewards; do you still get Drivatar-payout in FM5, for instance?

PrimeEvil Tahir: Thanks, I’ll will try to do that!

OctagonQontrol: I have lots of friends in FH2 and they play almost the same as me! And yes in FM5 I receive rewards for my drivatar, The main difference in those two games is the amount of credits I have on each game.

In FM5 I have 100.000 in credits


in FH2 I have 5.000.000 in credits

Do you think it´s possible that I don’t get drivatar rewards in FH2 because my credits in FH2 are too high???

Thanks for all your replies!!

I currently have 30 million in cr in FH2 and get drivatar payments every day.

Waw! Silly me thinking my credits were too high! lol. Then I don’t know what it is, but thanks anyways for all the responses!! :wink: