Drift tips

Can someone please give me some driving tips? I use a Lexus is300 right now and I’m pretty good with it but it’s the only one I can use any help is appreciated, thanks

Dont buy storefront tunes unless there from top leaderboard drifters…

^^ Who dont need to turn around =)

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Best tip is to practice and NEVER buy tunes off the storefront, i don’t care how fast they are at tandem or how many points they get always always always tune your own cars.

Reason I say that is because unlike drag racing and circuit to a certain degree drifting is all about personal preference and how the car feels to you so you may have one of the best drift tunes in the game but not be able to do anything with it because it doesn’t match your driving style.

Other than that weather you do tandem or points is to just have fun with it.

Happy Hunting

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if you love the IS300, start experimenting with it.

you can drift on a stock tune, so tunes isn’t your concern right now. focus on one corner, try to balance your accelerator and steering ( whether you’re on the wheel or controller, i use the controller).

there really is no way to explain it, I just do it. like mentioned, the best tip is to practice.