Drifting advice

hi all,

Ive seen people do crazy long drifts and im struggling to replicate it.

I play with ABS on and with TCS and Stability off too. Do i also need to tune the car as well?

I never played with ABS so I don’t know how it affects drifting but for the long drift you usally want good power and torque so it keeps you going, racing manual or manual with clutch is a must in my opinion.

You might wanna start with a low hp car and work your way around to bigger hp, don’t be afraid to hit me up on xbox if you ever wanna get into a lobby I can help you way more thenhere.

Take off abs it messes up ur car when u slow down while sideways. Tuning is a must, better to learn urself and struggle for months like I did and be able to finely adjust ur cars rather than buying tunes.
Practice, it took me 3 years n I’m still getting better

Read up on tuning physics and apply them to ur car. Like higher tire psi or lower tire width if u feel ur front end is gripping to hard

Just takes practice ive been drifting since forza 2 i found its alot harder to drift in this game than horizon 2 that was with a done up rx7 ,i did up the lexus sc300 and loving that i recomend trying the lexus out as i didnt have to do much tuning at all to get big angles and long drifts im yet to try other vehicles out i also did a gmc ute up but cant beat the lexus

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Try building a stock tire R35, mines sitting at 700ish hp and drifting like Daigo Saito