Don't make fun of my Kia (top 100 car in C class)... Open Source

Ok, this was a joint effort between VarmintKong, Akra1X, and myself. Foot built one too and did a really good job of beating the snot out of me with it in a lobby the other night. I chalk that up to him just being a much better driver than me though. Ours is pretty darn good, just could use a better driver than me. I’m not very good at C class and still posted at least 5 top 100 times with this car, maybe more as I can’t remember off the top of my head (a bunch are very close to top 100). Akra1x and VarmintKong have been posting lots of top 100 times as well with it. Aside from the top 100’s, I got it into the top 200 on about 25 tracks in C class. I’m just getting started with C class, so this is my leaderboard car for 40 or so tracks until I find other cars that I like. Its not a car that will ever top a leaderboard, but its a really solid all around car that runs good/great on almost every track. So far, the only ones we found that it isn’t all that good on are the Alps, Catalunya School, and the really short track at Long Beach (forget what its called). Its not terrible on them, but there are much better options. Its very solid everywhere else. If you build it, make sure you shift around 5500 rpm. The car is worthless if you let it rev higher than that except for 6th gear.

The key to the car is the rally motor. It definitely had some understeer from all the torque, but we seem to have worked it out fairly well. If you want a very solid all around car for C class (I built one for B class too and its almost as good), this is one you should consider. It could still be tweaked a little to make it better, so if you find something that improves it, please post it. The three of us all have tweaked the tune slightly, the following are my settings:


Conversions: Rally motor
Platform and Handling: race brakes, race springs, race ARBs,
Drivetrain: street trans, sport driveline, race diff
Tires: Race compound, F: 245/25R/20 R: 245/25R/20, Asanti AF 118 rims or equivalent (need that weight to keep it at C500)
Forza Aero F/R


Tires: 29/29 Edit: 28.0/28.5
No gears
Alignment: -3.0/-2.5, 0.1/0.0, 5.0
Springs: 460/460, 5.6/5.6 Edit: Front is now 435, ride height is 5.8
Rebound 9.0/7.6 Bump: 2.2/2.6 Edit: Front rebound is now 9.5
ARBs: 10/18
Aero: 61/75
Brakes: 45/140
Diff: 85/0

Its also on my storefront if you’d rather just download it. I believe its on Akra1X and Varmintkong’s too. Hope others have as much fun with it as I have…

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Thanks for sharing the open-source build/tune for the Kia. I’ll certainly check this out. I have the car in the garage and that is as far as it’s gone with other priorities. Yet, time to get it out for a spin and this is certainly timely.

What are the Reb/Bump settings? Thx!

Doh! They would help, wouldn’t they?

Rebound 9.0/7.6 Bump 2.2/2.6

I will edit the original post to reflect this, thanks for bringing it to my attention…

Your welcome Señor! Gracias! Trying it out soon…

Just an idea of how good this car is… here’s a few familiar names along with my time from the C class Indy GP leaderboard:

#65 1:34.825 gtFOOTw in his Kia
#67 1:34.835 EBT Loco UBog 90 Camaro
#80 1:34.983 Dust2Death GT86
#84 1:34.998 TG Wormburner S2000
#85 1:35.044 Lou3824 in my KIa
#90 1:35.076 Clay In LA GT86

What’s wrong with the above picture? Compared to those guys, I totally suck. They have all forgotten more about playing Forza than I will ever know. Yet, I’m right in the mix with them. There’s more time in my lap too, I’m just not good enough to get it yet.

That’s just a sampling of one track that its very good on, there are lots of others.

Impressive may I say! Congrats!

Good job, lou! It’s going to take me a lot of time to beat that Kia, if ever!

Yeah, that’s what you said about my Mini on Spa and then you crushed my time by a full 2 seconds. Some friend you are :slight_smile:

I will give that a try and see if there is any difference in my lap times.

I got a big laugh when I saw that you and AKRA1X are tied at 1:53.287 for #101 and #102 on Bugatti. Identical times with the same car, how’s that for consistency? I’m a good bit behind you guys at #171, but I’ll get there…

I think the best time yet with the car is AKRA1X’s 2:27.7 on Yas Full for #21 on the LB. He’s super fast on that track in any car though. That’s one of my top 100’s but I can’t come close to his time yet.

Our builds are nearly identical Lou, I used a lighter wheel (FIKSE FM/10) and the street driveline. Also upped the rear width to 255.

That rally engine has ruined C class in my opinion. I would much prefer original motors to be more competitive.

I will give this a go but going from X down to C will take some time to get into any type of form lol.

I agree actually. The amount of HP and torque that thing has should bump it out of C class. I guess its allowed because you need to short shift it or it just falls off. Its more work to drive it, but you get used to it quick. Whatever the reason its allowed, I’m liking it :slight_smile:

Don’t forget it runs 1:39s in lobby at Spa. Looks like a good lobby car.

I suppose I’ll try it out since you got all the work done for me. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m sick of retuning the stock motor anyways.

If you suck driving, can’t think of a word that describes my skill. Anyway, I did manage a 1:37:740 (PB) after a few laps. I think I can bring it down to 1:36:5…my skill limit.

Had a very hard time shifting at 5500 RPM’s, with the first turn at Indy, and it so grippy I was braking way too early in tight turns. Hard to get use too, but it was fun.

Thanks! I’ll be setting new personal best with this one.

I think you’re selling yourself short a little. There is definitely an adjustment period to the Kia if you’re just an average driver like me. The really good drivers hop in it and post good times no sweat. I had to spend about 2 days driving it before I got really comfortable in it. I’m still learning with it too. Be patient and you’ll get much higher than 1:36.5.

I had trouble with it at RA alt. It was just me though, not the car. I’m better in my Mugen there for now.

Edit: I got the tracks confused… I actually did well at RA Alt. I was at #68 there when I first posted the time, but its being beat so much that its falling like a rock. Last I looked, I was at #73, but that won’t last… The track I struggled with on was RA West. I just couldn’t get it to turn well enough for me there and there aren’t enough straights to make up for it like on the two long versions. It still did ok, but it was a half a second slower than my Mugen.

Yas is a real pain and it can be very stupid. I just love that track though…

Can I ask what you set your springs at? We played around with a lot of different settings until we settled on the ones posted above.

I take it that was at Indy GP? If so, that’s a really good time. I know you’re good, but that’s a full second faster than anyone else I know that has run it there. I will be chasing your ghost for sure looking for some pointers…

If all you really good drivers try it out, I’m not gonna be in the top 100 any more. Well, until I beat your times that is :slight_smile:

Just saw that you posted a 1:35.463 with it. See that, its over a full second faster than you thought… Nice job, keep going, you’re right on my heels.

A lot more laps…1:35.260. That is the best I can do. Took it in the lobbies and won 5 straight…felt like I was cheating and quit. Well, I can’t beat your time, but I do have a nicer paint job on the Kia.

Thanks, people like you make the game fun! I’m glad I quit playing COD after all these years.

I don’t know about amazing, but its been fun. Its cool to look at all the Kias popping up on the leaderboards over the last couple of days. Now what would be really amazing is if I got you to hot lap with it… We’d probably have to pry that Mazda out of your hands first and you wouldn’t go without a fight I’d imagine. There would be Q-tips flying everywhere :slight_smile:

I haven’t got back to the test track to give you that new benchmark yet, I’ve been too busy driving it elsewhere. In the next day or so…

Its funny, I bought this game thinking I would be driving Ferraris and such all the time. If you had told me 4 months ago that my two favorite cars in the game were going to be a Mini and a Kia, I would have thought you had a few screws loose. Well, I do think that actually, but you know what I mean :slight_smile:

You have a nicer paint job than the factory Silver? Really??? :slight_smile: I’m not one for paint jobs, I just pick a factory color and race the thing.

You’re not cheating either. Go ahead and tear those lobbies up.

I wouldn’t say that my time is out of reach for you. I’m stuck at 1:35.044 and can’t seem to get it any faster, you’re pretty darn close, so its sure possible. You’ve only been driving it for a little more than a day and you knocked over 2 seconds off your time. Don’t give up on it. Maybe change things up a bit for a while and then go back to Indy? Have you tried it on Road America yet? I think I enjoy driving it there more than anywhere else. Made it up to #51 on the Alt version tonight, that’s my highest ranking with it so far.

I’m curious what it can do on Bathurst, but that’s my worst track by far. Someone else needs to run it there to find out what its capable of, I can’t even break the top 1,500 on that track. Any takers?

Drove your tune at Spa. It is a fast car!

another great tune and another great stats, nice congrats you gettin better and better!