Uploaded Tunes

Hi guys,

I know there are loads of tuners around but I thought I would see what the general publics views where on some of mine, that’s if anybody is interested in trying some out.

I probably don’t really drive any other class other than C class. I am not the best driver and know there are a few people out there who can run the same setup and get faster times than me.

I would recommend downloading my C class Buick - I have (had, not checked in while) a couple of top 50 times in this thing, probably my most prized possession on Forza, great for Bathurst, Road America, Sebring, Long Beach.

Recently I Built and Tuned a Kia Cee’d, this thing is incredible, it can go around any track and get around top 100 times for me, as I said there are better drivers out there and would love some feedback.

if I get anybody’s attention with these tunes just let me know and give me some feedback on here and i will upload some more.

I do have a couple more decent tunes that would do pretty well in any lobbies and pretty good for the leaderboards, if i get enough people giving me feedback on these tunes/builds ill let you guys know of a couple more and will probably put a couple of open sources on here too.

You can download these 2 tunes by just searching my GT and the car, the Buick i recommend downloading has 6.1 speed, 4.8 handling. 7.9 accel, i know there is at least 2 tunes on there and that is the better one, the kia cee’d has 6.0 speed, 5.2 handling. 7.6 accel i think.

Thanks for taking your time reading this and thanks if you try any of these out, be good to hear back :smiley:


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My console is currently out of commission, however, once system’s up…I will check your Buick and Kia. I am a pretty bad driver, so no Top LBs…yet, will provide newbie driver fdbk. Thanks for sharing!

Btw bud, the Kia has the Rally Engine in it and you will need to shift early, you’ve probably already guessed that buy its stats though :smiley:

I will try both until the end of this week. Do you have any tune available for cars allowed in SEP14 Bounty Hunter (Bathust Main)?

I have tuned 6 cars for that event, available from grip-2-speed-2-beast. Here is the link…


I dont do rivals all that much, most of my times are just from racing, ill check it out and see what i can do, also uploaded a plymouth cuda which can hold its own round most tracks

What are the specifics for this challenge, I mean I have a 2.20.4 or something in my buick on there so I can’t see it been that difficult unless there are some rules and regs you have to follow?

I tuned a Judge for the rivals challenge but found out its a VIP one so i cant do it, i got a 1.21.9 in it with room for improvement, ill post the tune tomorrow if you guys want to try it