Don Joewon Song XP Madness Question

This is a question regarding Don Joewon Song’s XP Madness video that can be found here

I recently won a Huracan HE in the auction house. When I go to the blueprint and select the XP MADNESS race that he’s designed (I added him as a friend), I’m taken out of my Huracan and put into the one with the blue livery, as seen in his video. My question is this, if I select the race he have designed and complete it using, what I presume to be hisblue liveried Huracan, is the HE skill point bonus applied? Or do I need to design my own XP Madness race that mimics his using my Huracan to ensure that the bonus is applied?


As long as it is the Huracan HE the livery will not matter.

So anyone who plays his race gets to use the Huracan HE and reap the skills boost bonus during that blueprint event without actually owning the vehicle?


Found my answer, thanks for the help!

The Huracan HE is a great car. I’ve just started using it, it seemed like a waste not to.

You simply use it for racing, and it still gives you more XP, don’t even have to use an XP blueprint (although it’s easier to farm XP).

This is how much XP I received for a less than 2 minutes sprint race, without using any of those temporary perks even. Comparable to that 10 minutes run, even if it’s less efficient.

Feel free to check out the race how I got that XP: [Forza Horizon 3] 2014 Lamborghini Huracán Horizon Edition Tune - YouTube

The skills XP isn’t tied to the difficulty setting, so it’s awesome for just getting a boost.

Indeed, though I find it more useful as a grip machine with too much downforce to usefully grind extra xp from drifting and such.

I have 3 essential HE cars, and the Huracan is one of them. I’m not sure though if it can outdo my Pursuit Ute HE in a crop field with a skill song playing. The math is probably out there somewhere. I don’t have the hotwheels dlc, so I can’t use the newest trick. My third, and probably most essential, is the viper. I also race it far too much for me to understand why they’re on the auction house for 200k. But I’m not gaming the auction system, so I grind my credits at the goliath circuit. Maybe it’s because I haven’t rolled a Ford GT HE yet.

I’ve only been playing the game for a little over two weeks now, but it seems like from all my research/playing that the best way to gain XP & CR (with respect to HE cars) is to use either a skills boost or XP boost HE car, not a CR boost car.

This is predicated on the notion that an XP boost or Skills boost HE car will give you a significant XP gain per race, which in turn garners you more wheelspins than you would normally receive, and those wheelspins will yield a value of CR that exceeds the CR bonus you would’ve gained from using a CR boost HE car. Especially with V.I.P. double value wheelspins, it’s not hard to imagine that an extra (I’m approximating) 2-3 wheelspins have a high likelihood of producing a large CR gain.

This is just my lay observation though. I am curious whether a XP boost HE car gains you more XP than a Skills boost HE car, but from my reading they are rather close to one another in XP pay out, depending on the driving. If you can consistently put together skill chains, skill boost HE cars might be able to net you more XP than an XP boost car, but I would argue that method is fraught with the risk of crashing and diminishing the potential skill chain values, whereas the XP boost car gives you a consistent double XP pay out.

I only have the Huracan HE at the moment, but I would be curious to do some experimenting with a XP boost HE car to see which can net more XP either in a sprint race (like Constin Oddity posted above, thanks for the tip!), Goliath, or XP farming blueprint.

If you guys have any other methods to gain XP quickly, whether it be races, HE cars, etc. I would be curious to hear about them. Thanks!

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that highway bucketlist is currently the best xp in the game from what i am aware of. I dont have a huracan they seem to be overpriced on AH and wheelspins only give me pink credit prizes so i picked up a camaro skills boost car and upgraded it up to S1. Its not as fast as the lambo but its still capable of doing 700k xp in 29 minutes, 1.4 million for the full hour (2 runs of the bucketlist)

main things to note with the highway method are to stop and bank your skills at each end of the highway OR when you hit 100k X 6 multiplier for your skillchain. Anything beyond that is wasted xp as the 600k chain gives you the maximum 10k skill chain xp (i still remember the time i banked a 4 million skillpoint chain and only got 10k xp for it!). Also you must finish the bucketlist event so knowing how fast your can cover certain distances is essential to ensure you can drive and rack up skill points all the way to the 29:30 ish mark, for max xp

I’d also go so far as to suspect that the bucketlist will be superior because you do not have to click through pages and wait for load screens every few minutes and you only need to fast travel anywhere should you wish to rerun the event after a 30 minute session

Gamer DVR - Xbox clips, Twitch clips and streams, Xbox screenshots, Xbox videos, Xbox DVR and more on Gamer DVR! ← 29 minutes driving no stops or pauses (loadscreens race menus) just back and forth going 1 end to the other in about 1 min 20s and thats not in the lambo