Doing Danger Signs is like playing Russian Roulette

I mean how many times have you got your car to hit top speed, car position straight and tight and jumping off the cliff from the dead centre of the platform, only to roll/ flip over when you hit the ground thus failing it?

This is SUPER annoying!


Some of even my extreme off-road cars land almost perfectly level and then decide to front flip multiple times after landing. It is incredibly infuriating and I feel your pain.

Try to use right side of ramp. It seems to work better in most cases.

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I found that altering my springs helped. Stiffen them.

Yup. I had this happen in the jardines danger “sigh”, for example… i mean, my car just land over a completely asphalt flat surface, and still it bounces and rolls like if its made of paper.
Of course one of the problems is the terrible design of many danger signs, with angles too step in the ramps so your car is going to have really hard times trying to land correctly.

So, they are forcing you to tune your car for a frikkin danger sign, but even using as much springs as i can, offroad tires or whatever, nothing changes lol.

Or your car bottoms out on the ramp and you get only 1 meter or flips before hitting the zone… Arrgghhh

This is why I only use cars that I’ve got the Extra Life car mastery skill on for danger signs, even in FH4 lol.

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Try removing the aero or putting it as low as you can go. FH3 was more extreme than this and we had to do that.

Torque. Torque of a high revving engine could easily alter the orientation of a flying car. It’s actually quite realistic like this.

You can let off the gas as you hit the ramp and it should keep the car from doing the half backflip and landing on the back bumper.

I find setting the ride height in the front higher than the back tends to fix the flip-on-landing. And tapping the brake after the front wheels leave the ramp usually keeps it from doing the air-back-flip.

Always seem to help to go flat out before landing. Cars tend to bounce/flip over more if you just sit idle and let it land with no acceleation.

I will say that getting a perfect jump and landing in Horizon 5 is a bit more difficult than in Horizon 4. There seems to be more obstacles an uneven surfaces at the bottom.

Since this is without a doubt my most favorite of all Horizon events, I will say it has given me more of an enjoyable challenge in Horizon 5.

NB: helpful hint: rewind can be your friend.

Ditto. Rewind and hit the ramp slightly differently or ease off the gas just as your hitting the ramp. I’ve completed all Danger signs and the Danger sign accolades without too much drama.

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I’m having a hard time with my landing

It’s definitely less forgiving than in FH4.

Often I will hit a ramp, the front end of the car rises up, I land on the back wheels or back end of the car and it says “Failed”, so I rewind, basically do the exact same jump again without adjusting the steering at all, but this time the front wheels don’t rise up and it lands OK. That’s kinda frustrating.

I’ve got 3 stars on all of the jumps and done all of the accolades, but I don’t feel like I want to go back and try and beat some of my friends on the leaderboards.

With Los Jaridnes I turn a little bit so car would rotate about 140 degrees in the air and complete the 180 on landing. Works like a charm. Perfect landing