Does drafting not do anything?

Has anyone noticed any effect drafting behind a car?
As far as I can tell drafting behind a car does not offer any reduction in drag and boost in acceleration.
I’ve talked to my friends online and none of them say they’ve noticed any effect from drafting either.

I’ve only played singleplayer and online co-op, I don’t know if online competitive multiplayer is any different.

i tried drafting in the drag races and i think we can get a little but not as much as on Forza 6 for exemple

It’s no simulator game, I guess. I haven’t noticed anything.

Did a drag race with the same car infront of me and we stayed the same speed all the way even tho it said i was getting drag behind him.

At least in solo campaign races, you can definitely draft. While lapping drivatars in a Goliath race, I got my Veneno up to 277 mph while drafting … which is at least 5 mph faster than I can get it to go without drafting.

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Drafting works. This isn’t GTA V, drafting behind a car only makes you go marginally faster, not a “slipstream speed boost”. That’s not what you meant, I presume, but if you were expecting something you could immediately notice, it has never worked like that in any Forza game. It’s done realistically to the point that it needs to, no reason to be disappointed that you don’t shoot off like a rocket thought.

Obviously it’s no GTAV / Mario Kart speed boost but the effects of drafting do feel much stronger in Forza Motorsport 6.

Perhaps even though the car is gaining speed you don’t notice it since the Drivatars tend to be so glued to their route the passing opportunities are scarce.