I think Drafting Is broken

I get no advantage at all from Drafting which should be to get drag, and gain speed from not hitting stationary air in front of the car. In other words you are supposed to go faster when following another vehicle. It doesn’t work like in FH4… you get nothing. The Ai do Draft off you though in a big way.

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Not seen this with on road races, but seen it a few times off-road not working correctly. I typically draft and then slingshot past.

I think the AI use their new powers to keep in front until a corner in straight situations. I’ve had my car exceed it’s top speed when drafting on several occasions on road, but not so much off-road.

Given the new physics there are still a few things that seem strange to start of with, and slowly but surely you adapt to them.

I’m back to my normal level of unbeatable with the new patch, which was impossible pre-patch. So I’m praying this is PG testing the water with what’s acceptable AI wise and starting to balance them out.

The AI actually crash now or lose traction which I never witnessed pre-patch. Although in X or S1 they still have a nerver ending supply of nos especially on straighter tracks.

I don’t think it counts if you go faster plus they go faster so that you stay the same distance away from them.