DMA // PSA: Okay, for real this time. Open tandem drifting lobbies

Most of this forum board is littered with threads by people looking for teams or other players to drift with, and deservedly so considering the lack of functionality within the FH2 interface to create or search for drifting-specific lobbies. While I would like to think that you have all ended up finding friends and what not to drift with in the game at some point or another, I would like to put out the open invite to all of you on FH2 to come drift with my team, DriftMachine.

We express this open invite with two major goals in mind.

Recently, with most of us now starting to get tired of the game (due to the instant gratification play style that it has), the times that we have had our entire team (that has an Xbox One) online are few and far between. For some of us that play the game regularly, drifting on our own is monotonous and we try to reach out into the world of online freeroams to find new players to tandem with, only to find either everyone drifting the same layout over and over again, or guys that don’t really have the lobby etiquette that we all took for granted in Forza Motorsport.

That being said, our two major goals are:

  1. Finding more groups of tandem drivers to spend time with online and maybe find new potential teammates to bring in to our group.
  2. Help provide a place where drivers can run a decent assortment of challenging tracks that will actually test their skills with drivers that will respect others at all skill levels.

I want to make a couple things clear though.

We will be drifting RWD cars only. This isn’t because we don’t respect those of you who drift in other platforms (or in reverse…?), this is because we usually have 3 to 4 guys in a line running the course, and it makes tandem much less… “irritating”… to have everyone running the same platform. Tandem drifting was built on RWD cars in the first place, and trying to get an assortment of different platforms in a long train together is just unnecessary head-pounding.

These are not “tryouts.” I hate that word more than anything else used in this game. Seriously, I don’t want to get into my philosophy with drift teams, but if you come into the lobby and run my guys down expecting that if you impress us we’ll invite you into our secret society of gaming mastery (lol), you’re gonna be disappointed. Yes, we’re open to finding new teammates, but we are just a bunch of dudes that care about driving and are just looking for a good time. If you feel that strongly about wanting to hang out with us more, add us and then say something to me about being interested in joining, and then just leave it at that and drive. Just drive and have fun.

We will be switching sections often, unless we are really killing one area and want to stay there longer. We have a routine of 10-11 different layouts that we do, and (sorry) won’t spend too much time explaining what each one is. We may not always be in the in-game chat to explain sections, so we recommend just hopping in the back of the tandem line and just gripping a lap around to gauge what we’re doing, and then hopping in once you’re comfortable. Please, don’t jump out in front of the line if you haven’t driven the layout or have like two laps on it.

The team and I run in lobbies using the same kind of etiquette that was expected back in the FM4 days, which is something you don’t find often roaming open freeroams on FH2. Here’s a brief list of things to expect.

  • Don’t be that guy that takes off and leaves the pack before the first turn. We’re all trying to stay as close as possible, so if you’re set to lead the line, pace yourself so that we can all initiate relatively close to each other. This isn’t a drag race.
  • Expect to lead the line every once in a while. In a perfect world, we would have a rotation to follow and everyone would have a turn to lead equally, but that’s too much work with larger groups. If you chase a lot and rarely go out and lead during a lobby, we’ll pick up on it; if everyone parks behind you at the line and won’t move, we’re trying to tell you something.
  • Run the same direction we all are. Suicides look good in videos but we’d rather focus our attention on hitting clipping points rather than dodging oncoming cars.
  • If you’re gonna park somewhere, be aware of your surroundings and park somewhere that won’t impede on us running the layout.
  • Don’t divebomb corners looking to pass everyone in front of you. We want to hone our skills (as much as you could on FH2) at tandem, so even if someone goes horribly off the preferred line, unless its super awkward, we are going to follow that line. Learning to follow other lines and make the most of them will make you a better driver than ignoring them and running your own line.

If you are one of the veterans and you just read any of this post and laughed at how obvious or stupid that all sounded, don’t worry, it wasn’t intended for you.

All in all, we’re just looking for others to have fun drifting with in the game, so long as you are somewhat serious (and if you know anything about us, there’s a lot of emphasis on the word ‘somewhat’) and can be respectful to the others in the lobby.

If you want to jump in and drive with us, add or send a message to myself or the others (while also telling us that you came through this thread) and hop on in.

See you in the streets!

[ Team GTs ]

  • DMA BostonTroy
  • DMA Hoonigan
  • DMA CapinPlanet
  • DMA Burst
  • DMA Nun Basher
  • DMA Elmo
  • DMA Theory
  • xJustSaucy
  • LeighGit
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I know this post and thread is intended to address FH2, but I want to add that since I’m broke, and can’t afford an XB1 and FH2, I’m still on FM4 romping around public lobbies and occasionally host my own. So I would personally like to add that if you’re reading this and happen to find yourself on FM4 in public lobbies and wish to tandem, I’m always down, just PM me. I may be on the older console and game, but have the same expectations as my fellow DMA brothers have for FH2.

Back on topic now, great post Troy! Don’t forget everyone, Keep Drifting Fun!

-AmpD Skyway a.k.a. DMA Diabeetus

Myself and Hoonigan should be on for awhile if anyone wants to add us and join!


I’m down! Added.

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Adding as soon as i can. I was huge into the drift community in Forza 3 and left it for GT5 and now the community is dead in Fh2. Can’t wait to get some real runs.

Definitely down to drift with you guys. I usually run with 1 or 2 other guys so we’ll hit you up when we can!


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This is still a thing. Message any of us if you want to join in.

I would like to join. I started drifting about 2 weeks ago so still a newbie. My GT is outrunzeke108

i would like to join GT-Kilerduckiee

Its better to message us / add us on Xbox Live. We don’t check here as often as we’d like to.

Yo hit me up when ur runings some lobbies
Gt: The Vengfui One

Just added those of you that I didn’t already have. Did some online drifting last night for the first time in a while, completely forgot how fun it was.

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