DLSS section disappears from settings during gameplay (RTX 4060)

Hi, I wanted to ask for help regarding a problem related to DLSS after installing the new 4060 on my PC.
It happens very often that when I open Forza Horizon 5, after several minutes of play (around 10 minutes) I notice that the Frame Generetor and DLSS are graphically deactivated and I notice drops in performance.
Every time this happens I go into the video settings and notice that the section about DLSS disappears completely, making me forcefully restart the game to get it back (and then disappear again after a few minutes of playing).
Among other things this day it happened to me twice in a row that the section disappeared as soon as I entered the game.
As I wrote at the beginning, this problem arose right after upgrading the GPU (from Radeon’s RX560 to Nvidia’s 4060)

I have already tried deleting and redownloading the game and starting it with the administration but absolutely nothing changes, I have no other ideas other than trying to directly redownload the nvidia drivers or if possible touch some files in the game folder
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Same happening to me on my 4060 laptop, but it happen when I changing resolution to 4K, the DLSS tab just disappearing from video settings menu :confused:

ALWAYS throughout the game, Nvidia’s DLSS option simply disappears, leaving only the option to use AMD’s upscaling in its place, given that my GPU is an Nvidia 4070 ti!

Same to me. Give a solution finally, I tried everything all day and nothing helped

I have same problem on rtx 4070
Please do it some with this :confused: :worried: :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat:

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I have the same issue on my Asus TUF F15 RTX4070 laptop. No issue on my desktop with 3080.